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  1. Nice lap archii16. Breaking the 2 minute mark seems mega-fast in this car. I can feel another 1 to 1.5 seconds in my runs. If I can get thru South Bend at almost 100 mph and come out of Oak Tree in the meat of 3rd gear, both in the same lap... One of the most amazing experiences of my life was riding with a pro driver, doing a 2:05 in traffic. I was completely terrified while giggling like a maniac.
  2. Oh what a day! Finally, a SYTYF challenge at VIR. Seriously, I've been waiting for this, for like, years. I like this car. This is the first time I've driven the tuned version (I know, but so many cars, so little time :| ) I feel a little faster with the, uh... LHD version:
  3. Love this track. Best sets of esses anywhere. (or would that be everwere? ) I guess spending some time driving it in the F40 the other week was good practice. I didn't have the 787b in my game for a while. I assumed it was broken by an AC update? Anyway, what a great mod. Kunos was smart to pick this up as an official car.
  4. I gots 'em all. dream pack 1 - x dream pack 2 - x dream pack 3 - x Jap pack dlc - x red pack dlc - x
  5. Nice times yall. I am out of town, and though I'll try a few laps with a gamepad on my laptop, I don't think I want my time up there. See you all next week.
  6. Hmm, I should be there too, as of 15 hours ago... @Bokononist, did you see DaArthur on your leaderboard? ( I can't check mine for another few hours.) EDIT: Oops: I jumped in with the RSR car last night, neglecting the change to Renault 3.5 in last post of previous thread. Fun circuit! Damn you, SYTYF: Between this and Lotus 72 @ Brands , you're making me appreciate some winged cars.
  7. This car does not like my style. And while I love Donington, I have never quite gotten the hang of it.
  8. Nice combo! I've actually driven this one before, and it is a holy handful. I will have to turn track surface up from "dusty".
  9. I'm was in (DaArthur), but out for the next week. Rig is going into storage for a hell week of studying and work. Better to not have the temptation. I shortened my lap by another second, on hard tires. Couldn't get as good a time with softs (???). So I must be over-driving, I guess?
  10. Oh cool, I missed SYTYF. My rig will be in pieces until next week, but I may break out the gamepad for the laptop, just to get on the board.
  11. Darren, you rascal. I guess I'll have to park the Miata for a while.
  12. Isn't it? Really makes me wish I could get that hardtop off.
  13. Change of pace. The Z4 with the S1 upgrade is miles ahead of the Std in drivability.
  14. I love Vallelunga. Turn 1-2 has to be one of the most satisfying sections anywhere. So simple, but when you hit it just right... The X-bow is so fun, but I rarely drive it. Why? Must be because it literally looks like $#!t.
  15. ...which must be why this car owns turn 11-13 like no other The only negatives to me are that the gear ratios are too widely spaced, and of course, flappy paddles. A tighter ratio and manual would seal the 4c as my favorite street car in AC.
  16. Well, my laptimes aren't improving, my stylishness sure is. Never driven a mid-engine that is so fun to slide around in.
  17. Busy week for me. Out of town, then sis's wedding. I feel very proud of my time since it was my only lap, (minus one restart due to crash in first 2 miles ). Those who broke 7:00 should receive the Testicles of Tungsten award.
  18. Hmmm... No 4wd on this car. You're thinking of the V6 DTM Alfa. But it does feel sublimely balanced. Like a more playful Exige.
  19. The good thing about the barrier is that there are no flying laps, so even that first lap from the pits will be good. Nice if you don't have much time to drive but want to try a lap. I liked this combo when i tried it back in march. Hopefully I'll be on the board when I'm back in town.
  20. Damn, I think I'm really lucky to be at <1:33 . Can't seem to get below that number again. I'll be out the rest of the week+, but checking in to see some more awesome times. Can anyone shatter 1:30? Have fun yall!
  21. Yeah, the cheap Ikea desk I've clamped my G27 to is starting to fall apart after this one.
  22. Nice run. I was not in the zone last night. Maybe that after dinner drink that I skipped actually makes me faster? Anyway, 3 runs and I was always 10+ seconds slower than my best time.