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  1. Jeez those old cars are so fun to watch. And drive (in AC). I know it's not as popular as a few other Brit marquees, but I hope they announce Mini as the mystery addition to the Brit Pack. One classic and one modern would be fine.
  2. We can now drive the greatest street-legal Mustang ever, in Assetto Corsa.
  3. Trackdaze group at VIR Full course March 20/21 . This was my first solo drive. Ended up being a small group, so we had tons of track time. I think I had 10 hours track time over 2 days if I wanted. Only ended up driving about 6 or 7, which was plenty. Really recommend these people if you're on the East coast. Great group, chill and fun, but safe. They have instructors for some sessions too, which is how I got to eventually solo drive on an open track. No pace cars or speed limits or anything. I drove a stock 2015 Mustang EcoBoost w/Performance Package, Dad drove his Focus RS. We switched cars a couple of times. The Mustang was a very friendly track car. Enough power to not get run-over by other cars, and very neutral when pushed a little harder. Did nothing unexpected, and when the rear breaks loose, it's nice and gradual. Though, Dad spun the Mustang in turn 5a/6. If the EcoBoost had a little more power, a louder exhaust, and I had dialed in a little more aggressive camber in the front, it would be quite the dandy track car. Heavy, but still very fun to drive. The RS is like nothing I've ever driven before. So much torque. so much grip, so forgiving with its fancy AWD system. First time I've ever started to get motion-sickness while driving. I'ld put some miles on it commuting, which gave me some familiarity and respect for the car, but pushing it on track was an eye-opener. Totally nuts. I appreciated the torquey turbos in both cars, as it saved me from having to downshift quite as much as I did the time I drove a V6 Mustang, and even the V8 GT. Without an instructor in the car, I actually felt a little more comfortable, finally mastered heel/toe downshifting when braking hard at turn 1. That turn comes up fast, and before I was previously more concerned with actually slowing in time than I was with proper technique. All the other drivers were courteous and patient, which is good because moving up from beginner to intermediate meant I was no longer passing more cars than were passing me. My arm was getting tired from all the point-bys. Lots of modded Corvettes out there. I hope to get back in August. Got back and next day drove @Darren_Blythe 's VIR in Assetto Corsa. Yep, it's still just as fun even after driving the real thing.
  4. I missed too much of the race due to no good streaming. Watched qualifying and the Continental GS/ST race on Friday was a lot of fun, as always. But Fox pulled the plug on streaming this year. Grrrrr.... But in GTLM 1. Ford 2. Porsche 3. Ferrari 4. Chevy ... 8. BMW Yep, everything is in order here.
  5. As long as I get my ver10 tires on all cars, NA Miata, and Laguna Seca, I'm cool with whatever happens next. Pretty amazed AC has made it this far. And good for them. I'm glad they made some real money for a change.
  6. Thanks for the info @not_him_59 Yikes. The Next Level is $300. As far as the Omega goes, I imagined it would move a little. I am planning on putting some foam on the back of the wheel stand arms, and pushing it against the under-edge of the desk, so that should make it a little more stable. I just need to do a few more measurements when I get home...
  7. Thanks @NimRud Can you adjust the angle of the actual wheel stand? I see that you can extend it. And is the shifter mount adjustable horizontally at the base? I gots long legs, and like the wheel close to my chest. Everytime I get in a car w/adjustable pedals, pedals go all the way back, wheel gets pulled as far forward as possible.
  8. That looks like a nice, simple setup @Doug Atkinson. Also, Steelseries made the keyboard in my MSI laptop. Very impressed by the quality as well. The chair is actually more uncomfortable than it looks. Keeps me from playing too long. I wish I could have a dedicated area for my "rig", but this pulls double duty as the family computer desk. So, I posted this over at Racedepartment to ask about wheelstands. I'm likely going to order this GT Omega: and eventually upgrade to a TH8A shifter(sooner) and Thrusmaster wheel(later). I imagine I can move a seat back a little, slide the pedal section under my desk, and move the monitor to the edge. And one day, get a 34" curved monitor.
  9. For sure. The first version I drove was back in 2008, the Race 07/GTR Evo version. Ho hum, it was kind of cool, like a long road course. Didn't do many laps... But when it was released for AC, I went through a nice long addiction of driving Nord Tourist laps. Wow! The road surface was much more alive and the visual references were much more useful. I've literally done hundreds of laps, and I love it. Especially feeling a street car get light on some of the crests.
  10. Hope Assetto Corsa releases the 911 GTLM in time for the big show. Will be interesting to watch and then drive. But too bad there's not a great Daytona track mod. Otherwise, I always have to pull for Ford, for professional reasons. I'm a good company man.
  11. I just tried the custom championship last night. Great feature. Haven't had a chance to dig in yet, but the possibilities are pretty good. Can you add ballast to cars thru that tool?
  12. Looking good. I was secretly harboring a wish that they would announce a few particular modern Fords, but looking forward to Brit pack, more Ferraris, Seca. Wondering when I'll finally get that updated NA Miata. I'm guessing anytime between tomorrow and May.
  13. Cool! Glad to hear it. Nice that you can use your Fanatec gear. I'd hate to think of that stuff languishing. I'll just throw another system spec into this thread for someone's future reference: Back until 0.8 or so, I was running it well at medium settings using an old Intel Q8200, 4GB RAM, and a GTX560. with about 10 cars or so, ran fine. Did not do as well with 20 cars. I bet the current version would run better on that system, as AC is more optimized than it was in the early days. Now running i4760 16GB and a GTX970. Single monitor. Runs fine.
  14. @nhill40 I'll always endorse a Miata, wholeheartedly. I just put a cheap header and used starter on mine. Runs like a boss. An ugly, chipped, dented, faded (but straight!) boss. It won't be ready for the track for a while though. But I want to keep it street legal, since having something take up my garage hole and only get driven a few times a years seems silly. I've never done autocross, but should look into it eventually. I know "that face". My mom makes it when my dad joins me at the track (I guess she's done worrying about me ). But he gets an earful. BTW, that RS I've been borrowing is his, and hopefully he will be ripping it around VIR in March. My wife doesn't worry about me at the track, and she shouldn't. She should worry about my 30+ minute Interstate commute every day. Much more dangerous than driving on track. Nobody on track is on their phone, eating a bagel, or applying makeup. Everyone is paying attention to what they're doing. Plus, I don't wear a helmet to work. Maybe I should? @Grave , lovely BRZ!
  15. Well, if you believe Assetto Corsa (and based on their Mustang, I really do!), the Toyota GT86 handles like that description of the BRZ. It's downright hard to get the rear out without doing something dramatic.
  16. ...which is probably why it took me so long to find a decent one at auction with a clean record. Interesting. Finding that Scion TC fwd coupe is even harder. Had to find one for a customer, but EVERY single one had a bad carfax, accident. That thing is the darling of young punks who have apparently seen Fast&Furious too many times. And it's interesting that you mention swapping ends. When I drove the FR-S home that night, I went thru the off-camber roundabout that I've been thru 1000 times before, in all types of cars and a few motorcycles... It was totally clear, and I was moving a little quick, but about the speed I'm comfortable taking my Miata thru at. The rear abruptly and dramatically decided to let go, the stability control kicked in in an equally dramatic way. Very glad I almost always drive cars in full nanny mode. Granted it was chilly out and the tires are Bridgestone Touranzas, not really the stickiest. Not used to the sensitive gas pedal either, I was probably giving it too much maintenance throttle.
  17. Just to clarify: it's not mine. I bought it for our used inventory at work. Well, mostly. I might have to agree with Piotr. Maybe lease a new one for a couple of years? Get it out of your system at least. I mean, that car is by no means unreasonable as good daily transportation, as long as you are cool with 2 doors and monkey-sized rear seats. Plus I imagine with those cars will hold a good resale value since they are desirable in a classic sort of way. Although I don't have a clue how the insurance companies view the BRZ/FR-S .
  18. Ok @kludger , I finally got to see what the hype was all about. Finally found a decent FR-S for inventory, manual transmission. Took it for a nice test drive, will also drive it home tonite. I really like the view over the hood. This little brows make it easy to know where your front wheels are. The shifter is very nice and slick with light, positive little snicks into gear. Fun to go up and down the gears, pedals are decent spaced for some heel/toe. Exhaust note has a nice growl, boxxer engine is meaty in the mid-range. Corners very, very flat. Like, VERY flat. Without much roll, feels like it can change direction pretty quick. But I didn't get real aggressive or anything. Steering is a little more damped and heavy than I prefer. I like it overall. It's like a Mustang and a Miata had a baby with really tight suspension. It's not crazy exciting or super sporty, but definitely a great drivers car. And like you said, 200hp is plenty, but you can wring it out without feeling like a total maniac. It's kind of a bad time for me to try and be fair to another sporty car right now because I've been driving a Focus RS for the past few days (I know...) Now there's a car that if you're winding it out in more than 2 gears, you're already doing something really stupid. Sheesh, that thing is like an evil girlfriend who wants nothing but fun, and doesn't give a $#!% if she lands you in jail. Evil car. Totally ridiculous. It's just too easy to drive too fast. It does everything for you. Bad news. And no, I have not, will not try Drift mode.
  19. Good for him. He wanted it, he did it, and now he can spend time with his wife, raising his daughter.
  20. Cool! Let us know what you think.
  21. Well, I'm a street car junkie. Only had about an hour last night, so i just took out the most vanilla car on the Nord', the Boxster. I would certainly like to try VR for that little drop-top. 2 nice relaxing laps, or they would have been if the frickin' AI would JUST PASS ME ALREADY!!! Still not fixed for mixed class. Here's to hoping... Then I tried the Cayenne. I felt like the tire squeal was AC's physics engine crying out in horror as I pulled off some really really stupid things. I'll enjoy the more savory rides this weekend when I can devote some real attention. And the 718 RS60 will be the grand finale.
  22. You all may know that I had been testing Darren's early builds of VIR for more than a year. I had driven up there a few times. I knew the course pretty well, but never thought of myself as a particularly good driver. Well, after taking countless laps on the final and near-final versions of virtual VIR, I've had another real trackday. Friday I slapped some painter's tape on my Ford Fiesta ST company car, and took it to a HPDE trackday on the epic (and rarely used) Grand Course. For a few days before, I drove the Abarth500 and Alfa Mito on Darren's Grand Course, since they are probably the closest things to my Fiesta. Friday morning I pulled out of the paddock and into the grid lane. The first thing I noticed is that I was totally calm on grid, none of the nervous jitters that I had experienced the first couple of times I driven there. And on track, I immediately felt at home. I was ready for every turn, my lines were more often than not, correct, and I was very comfortable with the car near the limit of traction, trail braking and steering with the throttle. Instructor said I really knew the track well for someone who had only driven that section once, and a year ago. I told him I'd had a little digital practice. He said it shows. At the last drive of the day, the sun was really bright and in our eyes at the top of the Patriot section, but I felt like I knew the track so well, that it was no problem to scan for the curbing and find the turns without being freaked out by low viz. Being comfortable with the car and the track helped me focus on managing traffic and just having fun. They moved me out of the beginner group and now I can drive solo. He actually said I should look into eventually becoming an instructor myself, which I took as a huge compliment. I don't think it's a realistic goal for me right now with my hectic life, but maybe if I end up being able to drive a lot more, in a few years I'll look into it.
  23. Thanks yall. @kludger , T10 was not really scary in the Fiesta. It is fairly blind, but if you are far right and turn in as soon as you see the curbing on the left, you'll be good. Mustang GT however, was another story. Had to get on the brakes a good bit to make it safe thru T10, since you get more speed going into 9 and its harder to get right and be stable/set for the turn. EDIT: I wanted to add that turn 5a is probably my favorite. I stay left until the very end of the curbing between 5/5a, then head for the 5a apex while lifting. It's really off camber there, so the car goes into a nice 4-wheel drift, and when you're pointed down the Snake, give it a lot of gas and off you go, charging up to the esses. I really love that Fiesta. It's not a great daily car, but it is an amazing track toy. Very friendly for sporty driving.