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  1. Finally

  2. Think you're faster than Hamilton?

    Definitely luck, don't think I can repeat that.
  3. Do you bounce from sim to sim?

    I stopped jumping around and started focusing on one only. Just couldn't stay connected, one combo in one title would feel great, but same combo in another would feel off. Could be me over thinking it but for now, I'm connect with what I'm participating in.
  4. Dirt is a lie

    Holy #%€£ is it difficult, but it sure looks fun. Probably spend some time this weekend going through the basics.
  5. Thinking of Coming Back to iRacing

    I can't say whether it will be worth it for just TTs and practice. Dirt does look interesting, and I'm sure it will bring an influx of people, and possibly create some site reliability issues.
  6. Great to see the cars back on the track. I don't have a favorite driver yet...been watching for several years. Don't reveal if you have it on DVR for later.
  7. NASCAR LVMS 2017

    Canon EOS 60D with a EF28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM.
  8. NASCAR LVMS 2017

    Just some images from the weekend. Click the link to go to the entire album. https://flickr.com/photos/123584942@N05/sets/72157679369579121
  9. 24h of Daytona

    Drove it in deep but he had control of the car, shot for the gap and the door got shut after he was inside. Hard nose racing there. But I'm bias so.
  10. Formula E Vegas E-Race

    I don't know if anyone has been following this, or even knew about it. I heard about it a few months back but it slipped my mind until today. Which it was the big race, and well it was full of surprises. I can't really sum it up like this guy did, so click and enjoy the fun and how simracing likely went backwards in time with e-sports... http://jakespareyblogs.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/vegas-e-race-biggest-shambles-in-sim.html
  11. F1 2016?

    I'm having way more fun with this title than that so called NASCAR title that just came out.
  12. HEAT Evolution review by PRC

    Pre ordered it in XB1 and I regret it a lot. It's not the title they were showing off before. I streamed it yesterday on my Twitch and although I used a controller I was not impressed at all. The video is still on my past broadcast list for those who want to bare the torture. Warning I didn't do well but I think that's because it is horrible. My thoughts: No reason the AI should slow down to the point that my RPM is low enough to get away with downshifting. So to counter their slow speeds, I rimmed rode the outside at Kansas (iRacing style) and went from 40th to 1st in a few laps. Although im using a controller, I didn't have a feel for the car. It seemed to plow toward the wall one lap and then be the complete opposite the next. There are other observations that I can't recall at the moment but I commented on my stream. Assuming mic worked, which I didn't verify, oops.
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  14. Dirt

    So iRacing announced on April 1st, that dirt was coming. Definitely wasn't a joke, and they are working on it. Well in the mean time, the iracers on the service have found a solution to satisfy their dirt addiction.
  15. My #1 Youtube Pet Peeve these days...

    Guilty although the other camera is smaller than the game footage.