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  1. Selling Sim hardware UK (Cardiff)

    Hi Oqvist. To be honest, I would expect it to be uneconomical to ship it to Sweden. It is likely to be almost as much to just buy one.
  2. Lack of time and interest (moved on to other hobbies) have necessitated the selling of my wheel and some other bits and bobs. Thrustmaster TX racing Wheel for Xbox 1 and PC attached to Wheel Stand Pro: £200 or £150 for the wheel and £50 for the wheelstand pro: Heavy. Pick up required, TrackIR pro 4 with trackclip pro and standard: £50 plus £3 delivery Logitech Z506 5:1 PC speakers: £30 but will cost another £10 for delivery due to size and weight. All are advertised elsewhere so may be removed if sold. PM me if interested. I have sold on SimHQ before and also have 100% Ebay feedback. Thanks Meurig
  3. hardest race I've had... videos

    Ooh.. was my name (Marcus Meyrick) in there Mag or was it Meurig you saw?
  4. Any one in UK selling a G-27 ?

    paul, just responded to your PM. I didn't see it sooner sorry.
  5. hardest race I've had... videos

    I have this on pc but nipping out shortly to get it on XB1. Luckily I have a wheel for it as well. It will be interesting to see how it compares to PC.
  6. 24hours, 5 laps 60x... incredible...

    Mag, is this on PC or Xbox One?
  7. Guys n gals, I have an "invitation code" to buy a Clubsport Wheelbase v2 from Fanatec. I can't afford the staggering sums required to buy it so if anyone wants the code they are welcome to it. Marcus.
  8. FH2 Rally Race Video

    Nice.. I am looking forward to mine turning up tomorrow.. Unfortunately there is also Driveclub on PS$ for mid october as well.. Time will be short to spread out amongst all these games!
  9. Forza Horizon 2 is out and awesome...

    lol.. I havent picked the thing up yet.. that must be my "driveatar" imitating my driving style! I am a law abiding citizen! Anyway, i shall be joining you in the Horizon universe on friday when it is released in the UK.. Looking forward to it.
  10. Got my wheel and tried it of AC, iRacing and Forza 5. Initial thoughts are that the wheel does a damn good job. It's definitely a quality wheel in terms of FFB on PC. In fact, iracing with an open wheeler, especially the older indycar is a fantastic experience. Really direct, strong FFB with a good feeling about what the car is doing. Saloon cars and the experience is not quite so great so far but that is likely me dialling the wheel in. AC and the experience is not quite there yet. It is a little light and lacking in feedback. Again, I think I need to dial it in. On Forza 5 I am not quite as convinced. It is streets ahead of a pad but as I have only run it with a Mustang and a Camaro (i'm doing the muscle car series atm) I am struggling to get around quickly and without damaging anything. The feedsback seems strong but doesn't convince me of what the car is doing and why. I am willing to bet this is my lack of skill with big, powerful muscle cars though. All in all, its a worthy replacement for my GT2, which is now about to go in the buying and selling thread or onto fleabay/gumtree.
  11. Fanatec Clubsport V2 Announced

    That's the base only as far as I can tell.. No rim.
  12. Fanatec Clubsport V2 Announced

    I just got the same email Mag. I think you are right in thinking htat xb1 and ps4 will be supported however at what cost? I would presume another £150 / $150 per wheel dependant on location. I am unsure whether the cost of the kit overall is justifiable. Double the cost of the console to play FM5 or GT7 (when it gets revealed for ps4 that is!) Thats a big ask.
  13. Ok, i think you sold me on them.. time to sell on the Fanatec GT2 and pick up the Thrustmaster i think.
  14. I have changed no settings at all on he pad but I have removed all aids. It just feels like cheating playing with any aids on to me. I know I could add stability and traction control back in but where is the fun in that. I am ever so tempted to sell my fanatec GT2 and Clubsports and switch to the new Thrustmaster FFB wheel for Xbox 1 and PC. I do no racing on my PS4 or PS3 anyway