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  1. First Foray

    welcome to iracing! i cannot help you with the powerful V8's since i am in a perpetual battle to understand the miata! LOL you may have seen the v8 subforum at the member site? http://members.iracing.com/jforum/forums/show/628.page
  2. For Free! Non-functional Logitech DFP for free at your cost for UPS shipping from Chicago, IL USA. Perfect for someone who has the knowledge, skill, and time to tinker with electronics and make operational or use for spare parts. Whilst cleaning out the basement I also found my first wheel! It is a Logitech DFP that I used on the Playstation3 and GT5 that got me into simracing. The unit stopped working and I stored it away after getting a Logitech G27. I do not recall why the wheel stopped working. I will plug it in later today and see if I can add anything to this post Since it is free (besides shipping cost) you must agree that if you fix the wheel and do not intend to use it then you must pass it on for free or for the cost of shipping. (of course, no one could prevent you from doing otherwise, but God does see and know all, so for the sake of your karma do not use this opportunity of a free wheel for a cash grab blah blah blah you know what I mean!) http://support.logitech.com/product/driving-force-pro http://www.amazon.co.uk/Driving-Force-Pro-Wheel-PS3/dp/B000XTD06E pics coming soon... Thanks for looking
  3. DBR9 Live Now

    I started running the DBR9 this season. Real nice car that handles well and has a lot of power. I find the braking a bit hard, but I think that is a iracing FFB issue that does not provide enough info on what the tires are doing. great car and well worth the price. : )
  4. Audi R8 LMS joins iRacing

    cool! The R8 is my favorite GT3 car, too! Bentley is right behind the R8! imho,ymmv
  5. Dreampack #2

    today?! cool looking forward to trying out the Huracan and R8!
  6. thanks,guys! still available have a good racing weekend!
  7. Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ v1.5 US Clubsport Shifter USB Adapter 7th gear only detected if the shifter is connected to a ClubSport Wheel or with the ClubSport USB Adapter Clubsport Shifter Table Clamp $220 continental U.S. only includes shipping and paypal invoice Original packaging I could not locate the Quick guide, but it is available as PDF here: http://www.fanatec.com/download/QG-CSS-SQ.pdf Excellent Condition Entire package for sale - no parting Purchased November 2014 Rarely used (15-20 races) - found I prefer paddle shifters Paid ~$270 for package from Fanatec Thanks for looking - contact me by PM if interested. http://www.fanatec.com/us-en/shifters/clubsport-shifter-sq-us.html Features Full metal construction Ultra realistic shifting experience 7 gear H-Pattern mode Reverse gear with inhibitor to prevent accidental shifts and makes handling it, more realistic Very realistic sequential mode with strong haptic feedback Easy to switch between sequential and H-Pattern mode Shifter knob made of solid polished aluminum Exchangeable gear knob, compatible to popular automotive standards Adjustable shift feeling and resistance Multiple mounting options on all 4 sides and bottom Compatible to all Fanatec wheels ClubSport USB Adapter – The ClubSport Shifter (SQ) can be used as a separate PC USB device in combination with Logitech, Thrustmaster and all other PC racing wheels 7th gear only detected if the shifter is connected to a ClubSport Wheel or with the ClubSport USB Adapter -Adapter included! Thanks for looking - contact me by PM if interested.
  8. Assetto Corsa screenshots and vid thread

    wow! Chaz, Pumbaa666, and Guod have all the cool cars and tracks! thanks for sharing the vids and pics.
  9. Ya, i did it... FM6 console...

    Cool! I played a lot of FM3 and GT5 before jumping over to PC. wow, that color and stripes on the console are pretty cool! Do I understand the description correctly in that your xbone will have the game installed and ready to run once you plug in the machine? IIBC, the custom sounds are of an car engine when you turn on the machine? FM4 and FM5 did not do anything for me. FM6 looks to be a big leap foward with many new features and I hope I have a chance to try the game with a wheel/pedal set after release. Post some pics of the box and FM6 review/comments after yoiu spend time with the release.
  10. 24hours, 5 laps 60x... incredible...

    nice pics! congrats on the win!
  11. pCARS Profiler

    Thanks for the post! D'oh! I completely forgot about the DMP app. I bought the DMP for AC about 6 months ago and completely forgot that version is a "2-fer" by working for AC and pCARS!
  12. Any impressions on pCARS yet?

    Yes, the game is fun and very enjoyable now that I used the Jack Spade FFB files and tweaked the graphic settings. What I love about pCARS is that it is very accessible to this technophobe. I can easily jump in and fire up a race at Brno in the evening with light rain against 19 LMP2 cars with no muss and no fuss! rF2 has a better AI, but not many tracks and cars that I enjoy. AC has a better FFB for my wheel, but the AI does not work well when I try to race it. The game does have relaxed physics compared to rF2 and AC, but the entire package more than makes up for this shortcoming. imho,ymmv