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  1. I have the old ones on steam and have never played them, lol... I played RaceRoom for like a week, Of course at the time I installed all these, they were competing for my time from iRacing.
  2. GTR 3 Confirmed:
  3. Thank you Porsche for Terminating the EA Exclusivity Deal....
  4. Other Games were able to Sub License from EA, which is what Turn10 Did for FM4 and FM:H. Some New Games have Porshe already due to legal window of when the actual exclusivity expired.
  5. Turn 10 is going to move to a Pro League for Forza 7, watch.
  6. Isnt that a Staple in Polyphony Digital Sims? (no Damage)
  7. Not Gonna Lie.. the Graphics look hyper-superb.....
  8. with a controller yeah, but with a wheel I was gone by the end of the first lap.
  9. Wouldnt mind another ToCA
  11. I was gonna try eyefinity once I get my Windows 10 back up and running.
  12. OOOh, I also Got a FH3 Code to get a Free Halo Warthog... Now i just need them to support my Fanatec Wheel on PC for me to drive while playing the halo theme.
  13. what's the "Club" name? I'm pretty sure I have the Dashboard preview, cuz a 4.8 GB update doesnt just pop outta no where.
  14. I'm no where near done: w/ Forza Horizon (Xbox 360), I have about half of the outpost challenges left w/ Forza Horizon II (Xbox One), I barely got 1/4 of the way through w/ Forza Horizon Fast and Furious, Prolly got most of the way through it. w/ Forza 5, Forget it, Cant do it without my steering wheel w/ Forza 6, Same as Above.