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  1. What Are These...

    Yup. That was it. I was leaving the Onboard Settings app active. Once I closed that, the little crosses went away. Thanks!
  2. What Are These...

    ...and how the heck do I get rid of them? I get these little crosses in Assetto Corsa. They are attached to the driver. They show up in the replay but don't show up in screen shots. I think I accidentally activated them with a combo key press on the keyboard but for the life of me I can't remember which keys. They are driving me NUTS. Really ruins my replay vids. Does anyone have any idea what these are and how I can deactivate them?
  3. Porsche Coming to iRacing

    This all sounds good. But how much different is this really going to be than the Ruf they've already got in the sim? Are we going to just end up paying for the difference in the logo?
  4. At least it doesn't resemble an anteater

    Geez, I don't know. To me, these cars are still the ugliest modern racing cars on the planet. And don't even get me started on how they sound.
  5. NSU released

    Really fun little car to drive. Looks like a BMW 2002 and a Corvair had a baby.
  6. Stanceworks Track Expansion

    True. But, a lot cheaper than buying all the content in iRacing or R3E.
  7. Race07 revisited

    Yeah, that was a great article at PRC.net. It made me fire up Race07 and, I'll be damned if it wasn't a LOT of fun. The graphics are dated, of course, but the offline racing was all kinds of FUN. All the features work, my hardware works, the AI is solid (if not spectacular compared to some of the current-gen sims) and there's a TON of content all based around RACING, not just driving, or hot-lapping. (Yeah, that's right, I'm looking right at YOU, Assetto Corsa). This truly is what every current-gen sim should aspire to be. I think it's what Slightly Mad Studios intended when they began PCars. It appears this is never what AC intended itself to be. Despite marketing themselves as "Your Racing Simulator" they've devolved into little more than a hot-lapping "Driving Sim" with some racing aspects. And, by the way, stop asking for more racing features in AC because, well, the developers are becoming rather ANNOYED that their customers are demanding racing features in their "racing simulator".
  8. FM6 and IMSA

    I saw the last half hour of the real race. What a finish between those two Corvettes!
  9. Raceroom sale

    Oh I'll be getting that one too. As soon as they release Nordschleife, I hope.
  10. Raceroom sale

    Looking forward to the new Mustang and Nissan GTO cars.
  11. TX F1 Add-On Issue

    Ok, so you're both wrong. LOL. I updated the firmware. Wasn't that. I clicked on the correct profile. Wasn't that. The last time I went into the vehicle settings, I turned on the wheel, so the in-game wheel would be visible from the cockpit view. Previously, I had that turned Off. As soon as I turned that back to Off, it worked. So, that has to be some sort of bug.
  12. TX F1 Add-On Issue

    Hmmm. I clicked on "Check for Update" in the Control Panel and it said I had the latest version. But, on your suggestion, I went to the Thrustmaster support page and it's showing there's newer firmware (50.B9 versus the 49.B9 I have installed). I'll update the firmware, try it again and report back. Thanks.
  13. TX F1 Add-On Issue

    I recently purchased the F1 rim add-on for my TX wheel and now I'm having problems with R3E. It just doesn't seem to recognize the new rim. The rim is working with rF2, PCars and AC just fine. But, in R3E it's listed in the Configure Profile area as a "Missing Device". It will let me step through configuring it, assigning buttons, FFB, etc. But, when I go into a game to race it doesn't work. The throttle works, oddly, and the pedals are connected to the wheel. But, the wheel doesn't work and my TH8A shifter won't work either. I really like the feel of this rim. I know it's supposed to be for an open wheel/F1 but I like having the extra buttons and I like the feel of the wheel. In AC and PCars I swear I can actually feel a little more FFB through this rim than the Ferrari GTE rim it's replacing. So, I'd rather not return it. But, if I can't get it to work properly with R3E, which I probably run more often than all my other sims, then there's little point in keeping it. Any ideas what might be the issue?
  14. what do you do for audio?

    I got the Logitech G930 for the PC (wireless) and the Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro for the Xbox One (not wireless). I like both of these sets quite a bit and they're not overly expensive. Luckily, my kids don't touch mine.
  15. An open letter from a Kunos Dev to the AC forums

    Yeah, this is really BS, on their part. They marketed this as a racing sim from day one and now they're trying to tell us all it's a driving sim with some racing cars in it? And they've brainwashed some of their fanboys into believing it because I've been berated on forums for complaining about the poor AI and lack of race features by their hardcore fans. If it's a driving sim, why are there so many open wheelers and GT3 cars in the sim? Look, I like the driving in this sim, (the recently released Ford Capri is a blast to drive) but it's not living up to it's promise of being a racing simulator at all. This is why I prefer R3E. There's nothing in that sim that is NOT a race car. I honestly think R3E has the best collection of cars in the genre for that very reason. There's no road cars in it, no matter how "sporty".