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  1. Career

    Does anyone know how you delete a career in Project Cars? I see no such option.
  2. Pit stops yet?

    Hi, Have pit stops been implemented yet? If not, is this planned? I only race SP not MP
  3. I have not played AC in awhile and just updated to the latest version. Probably something very simple I am missing but how to you get rid of the time gap display at the very bottom of the screen while in a "Quick Race". I found an option in settings called "Display time gaps to opponents" and thought un-checking that would get rid of it for sure - but it did not. I tried the in race side bar controls but could not find anything that turned it off. Thanks for any help.
  4. track map overlay

    I am new to this sim and I was wondering if someone could please tell me how to toggle or turn-off the track map overlay on the left side of the screen during a race. Thanks
  5. Which racing sim?

    Great feedback, thanks. I had not looked at the racing sim marketplace in about a year and I am beginning to understand Jedi Master and Weaponz's perspective. If the initial reviews are good when AC comes out I believe I will get this one. After the comments in this thread I did more reading and the potential is certainly there. But in the meantime: - pCars: still a long way off so I will think very fondly of it, but that is about it for now. - R3E: I think I would love the Simbin tech and I could treat the beta as a demo but there is no SP racing (yet, ever?) and after looking at their site and reading the Steam information (all the typical marketing blather about social, portal, community and buy as you go) I am not convinced this is for me. I will follow it and see if it goes anywhere. - rFactor 2: Looks like there is a demo so I could give it a closer look. - iRacing: As far as I can tell this is not even a consideration. The comments on Power and Glory 3 and Game Stock Car are interesting. Something to hold me over until the muddled new generation works itself out. Am I correct in assuming all I need for PG3 is a copy of GTR2? Also Zorg, you mentioned that you enjoy the MP but it does have a SP also right?
  6. Which racing sim?

    I bought a new high machine which will serve multiple purposes but I do want one new high end racing sim on it. I had not looked at racing sims in awhile and going into this I thought my choice would be between: Assetto Corsa, GTR3, project Cars and rFactor 2. However having just done a quick read I am assuming the following: 1) GTR3 - looks like this one is dead so I am assuming this one is off my list. Correct? 2) Assetto Corsa - looks like it is not out yet but its release is very close. Right? 3) Project Cars - looks like it is not out and you cannot get in on the early release program any more. So this one off my list also I think. 4) rFactor 2 is out but it's not done or, it is sort of out and sort of done? To be honest I just got confused reading about this. These are generally my requirements. I have no interest in multiplayer but I want a high end, realistic and graphically rich single player simulation. I would prefer that it could represent multiple types of racing and, if possible, even multiple eras. I don't have a bunch of time these days, unfortunately, so I would prefer to get one that comes with a good variety of content (cars and tracks). I love the mods people produce in this genre but without much time these days I would just prefer to jump in and race when I have the time (rFactor 2 scared me a little in this regard.) So is waiting for Assetto Corsa my best bet at the moment? Thanks for any comments.
  7. Best Racing Sim?

    Spent a great afternoon with GTR2/GTR Evolution and GT5. The first provides me with a great racing simulation and the second is an entertaining driving simulation/game. The design of GT5 can certainly be frustrating at times but, as others have mentioned, there are aspects that are well done. However, for simulating racing, the PC titles are still comfortably leading (for me anyway).
  8. GTL and the pits

    Just got GTL and am loving it. One quick question... when I go into the pit area the program takes control of the car. I was in "professional" at the time so I was surprised. I am sure there is a setting here someplace but can't seem to see it.