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  1. Anyone else despise the Formula Jr?

    It's still a junk car. I was hopeing for something more like the skip barber or the formula trainer from Project Cars (less PC and more SB2000). But instead it is a wingless entry formula. There is a horrible economy lag on the throttle, the car is way to wide and its impossible to wreck. About the only thing I like about R3E is the sound and car bounce. Im hoping that PC2 fixes their broken physics/tire model but until then it looks like im stuck with iRacing.
  2. DiRT Rally - Sim or "Sim"?

    Someone buy it already and let us know! http://store.steampowered.com/app/310560/ Out now in early access.
  3. Site Logout

    Every time I leave the site and come back I have to relogin even though I have the site "remember me." Is this a problem on my end or does everyone have this problem?
  4. Forza on PC

    I still really really want a PC Forza.
  5. Nice Bundle

    http://www.bundlestars.com/all-bundles/turbo-bundle/ 2.50 for a lot of good games.
  6. Release Date Info?

    Is there any info on the release date? I really wish I would have bought into this back when they were fund raising.
  7. Forza on PC

    http://gamesided.com/2014/01/15/forza-motorsport-5-pc-release-coming/ So supposedly no forza for PC.
  8. Getting up to speed on online racing

    I just tried to register at that cadillac cup racing and it says "submissions are closed." Also, no one has mentioned the red headed #%&*$# step child that is live for speed. www.lfs.net