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  1. RRRE DTM Season

    That's great thanks. I have been in and performed Practice and Qualy1,2 and 3 and after each session it said it saved. I haven't been in since, but I guess save after each session is exactly that. Thanks for your help.
  2. RRRE DTM Season

    Thanks F19_CoNa - but I had already posted that I had done that. You have - however - confirmed that you do have to do that in order to race DTM and I'm not missing a DTM Season option. The second question was about saving. There's no save option and when I setup my DTM season, I jumped in and did a few laps of Hockenheim and then left the game. When I went back to the game, and selected the Championship option, it only shows 1 round...in other words, it's not saving my tracks I set up. This is pretty infuriating because it means - currently - and I've had to do this 3 times now - I have to select the tracks again and each time I come back to the game. Is there a save option I'm missing somewhere or is there an auto-save that isn't kicking in for some reason? Thanks again.
  3. RRRE DTM Season

    So I bought the DTM 2015 DLC for RRRE...but how do I actually race the DTM season? When I go to single player, I can select the car - so I select DTM 2015 - and then I go to play - but it starts me at Bathhurst and there's no other tracks. First off - do you have to create your own DTM season? Second - I did so (because I couldn't find out where to do it) but there's nowhere to save my details and now have to re-add the tracks because it just says "1 Round" again! I'm slightly disappointed. I thought I'd be able to jump in and start a DTM season without faffing around Any help would be greatly received.
  4. F1 2016?

    I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that
  5. F1 2016?

    I definitely need to lower the AI. Not only is it kick arse on Legend, but any hopes of managing to perform anything related to times is just completely out of reach. Here's my rather sorry attempt at the tyre test - not a single point. And this is not down to not knowing the circuit - it's down to what the game has deemed an acceptable lap time for what I set the AI to. Catalunya - A bad Tyre Test in P1 The game needs an "in-between" here. I find it too easy on Expert and I'm out performing where I should be and yet I'm left stationary one level up.
  6. F1 2016?

    Right - Sochi race start, first few laps and Virtual Safety Car Sochi start and first few laps and VSC Unfortunately I crashed out on lap 18. As I said previously, I'm only going to use the Flashback feature if it's my fault. For AI issues, I'll use it. Unfortunately, this was my fault, so I took the hit and didn't finish. For the next race, Catalunya in Spain, I've upped the AI to Legend My new rival is Gutierrez in the HAAS as I've beaten my teammate and been promoted to primary driver within the team (just means more bonus points on offer I think). I am winning the rivalry to Gutierrez by 1 point. I was winning by 5 or 6, but crashing out of Sochi put paid to that lead.
  7. F1 2016?

    Sochi Qualifying I changed my tyres at the start from Super Soft to Soft - being cocky. Actually just not wanting to waste a set of Super Soft tyres if I could help it. Turned out, I slipped down quite quickly and had to go out again in Q1 to get a better time on Super Soft tyres. Q2 I went out in scrubbed Super Soft tyres and quickly realised I should've used my new set - so again, I had to go out a second time in the session Sochi - Qualifying There's a couple of "chinks" noticeable in the AI. First, there's really no way a Marussia - even with the developments being made - should be qualifying so high (I won't spoil the surprise...watch the vid). I've had some development done on the car, but the car is still bottom of the pile in terms of overall performance (when you go to the development screen, you can see other team performances in relation to your team). I'm playing on 1 below the top level of AI (I think I'm on Expert and the top level is Legend) and given that level, I'd expect a Marussia to be stuck in the first part of qualifying, regardless how good the driver is. I know I won't do so well in racing - which highlights a separate issue which is where in previous F1 games, you used to qualify fairly low and in the race you could be first by the first corner...it seems to be reversed here where you qualify high and run the race lower down...which is actually a better representation of how it is in the real F1 world. So - there's that. I don't think I can change the AI level - but I may have to do that because the car is out performing it's performance. Secondly, you will notice at some point during qualifying (5 minutes in) I have just finished my fast lap and requested to box - so coming into the pits. I'm on my in lap and I see Hulkenburg behind me. I slow down to let him past, which he does, and then proceeds to slow down a couple of times because I'm close. This highlights to me that the AI is not programmed to understand that I have just requested to pit. If the AI could detect that, then it shouldn't be making such an effort to let me past. So I said I would keep people informed of perceived issues that I cam across and so I am. It still doesn't ruin the game - it's a fantastic racing sim. Although the Marussia qualifying so high does irk me somewhat
  8. F1 2016?

    A bit of Practice 2 - just a few laps. I think things are coming together...definitely locking up less and finding the right braking, entry and exit points. Roll on Practice 3 Some Laps at Sochi Practice 2
  9. F1 2016?

    My pleasure
  10. F1 2016?

    Not pretty, but points earned. I certainly can't drive like this in the race...unless I want to do 5 pit stops Sochi Qualifying Pace Trial
  11. F1 2016?

    omg - this is going to be a painful race. As expected, having never raced or practiced to any degree at Sochi, I am going to be beaten by my teammate. I didn't manage a single point for my Tyre Wear test and will not likely grab any from the Qualifying Pace test This could be where my team mate grabs ground back (currently I am leading significantly in the rival battle). Also - seems to be a bug here where the text wouldn't disappear when the test starts. https://youtu.be/0bluS_zc0fY
  12. F1 2016?

    Sochi Track Acclimatisation I have not raced this track before. Only recently I've had about 10 laps practice, so my track acclimatisation test shows my n00bness Sochi Track Acclimatisation
  13. F1 2016?

    No probs nhill40. I genuinely think the game is worth promoting. It's leaps ahead of the previous games imo in every aspect.
  14. F1 2016?

    And here's me at Sochi - part of 1st Practice What you're seeing here is an absolute n00b on the track. I've never raced this, so buckle in and watch how I try and learn a track, overshooting, breaking too early, scrubbing the tyres and generally not doing too well. I'll do a few laps like this (using the hardiest tyres available for durability - because they will take punishment) and then move onto the Track Familiarisation task. You could argue I could be doing that right away...that does make sense, particularly as you can run the tasks multiple times. But I just like to have a recce before hand. Part of P1 at Sochi Again, when exiting the pits, I had to go into the menu and setup my controls because for some reason if I don't do so, the brakes and accelerator seem to be "on" or "off"...resulting in too much torque and very, very easily locking brakes. I don't know why this is - but it's been the same for EVERY Codemasters F1 game (maybe for Dirt too...I can't recall). I only have to do this when booting the game up (and should try and remember to do it in the menu system before jumping in). I don't have to do it each time I leave the pits.
  15. F1 2016?

    I found this video I must've made of qualifying in Bahrain It's just Q1 and Q2...I didn't record Q3 where I think I qualified 8th or something. I've noticed though that my qualifying pace isn't like my race pace. When you get to select your pit strategy, you get an "aggressive" and "conservative" choice. If you select the aggressive option, it means your going to be pushing a lot and therefore it's MORE pit stops. Conservative means you're looking after your tyres and therefore you'll have less pit stops. Because I know I'm aggressive, I choose the aggressive strategy and hence have another pit stop. Determining how you use the tyres and which pit stop to go for by the way is all due to the tyre management test - you can see where you're pulling too much in the corners, stretching that rubber or where you accelerate before your wheels are at the optimum angle - so these tutorials help massively Bahrain Q1 and Q2 I did say I would post some negatives if I came across them - and here's two gripes I have with the game thus far.. Safety Car - AI! More an AI issue than the safety car probably - either the AI is waaaaay too conservative when trying to catch up with the safety car or the safety car is way too fast. But sometimes the result is you not catching up with the safety car at all before it goes back in the pits. More an AI issue than the safety car probably - either the AI is waaaaay too conservative when trying to catch up with the safety car or the safety car is way too fast. But sometimes the result is you not catching up with the safety car at all before it goes back in the pits. I had a race where the safety car was out and I was heading on the final part of the lap - so I changed strategy and boxed for fresh tyres. When I came out, I had to stay behind the car in front of me and we were trying to get attached to the safety car line - but the AI was driving so slow (or the safety car was so fast) that in the end it was called in (after 3 or 4 laps I think) which meant we didn't get attached to the queue. Another time, we did catch the safety car (I didn't pit this time because I had done so the lap before) and were instructed to overtake it as it was waiting to pick up the leaders - it took us 3 laps to catch it which I thought was hugely excessive. So that's a pain in the arse The Engineer! >:( The engineer is a dick. He says things at the wrong time (coming into a corner etc, etc) or is just rubbish. For example, I had picked my pit strategy. My first stop was going to be between lap 10 and lap 13. I got the call from the engineer at the start (towards the end?) of lap 10 that the pit lane was open. I checked my tyres and thought I would extend a bit - knowing I could pit up to lap 13 where the window would close (presumably for my team mate). Anyway, I carried on, ignoring the pit lane open message...all good. I also got a call from the engineer telling me the pit window would close - again, a great point. However, I selected to pit on lap 12 and told the garage I was pitting. During my in lap, which is crucial, I then get this long bloody speech as I'm twisting round corners, that "We have a viable change of strategy...let us know whether you want to change or not"...what comes up is "Pitting lap 12 for soft tyres or pitting on lap 10 for soft tyres" Well lap 10 IS GONE and I've already let you know I'm pitting this lap!!! This is really annoying because of two things - first it's a long old speech he's giving you and you're trying to go through corners and navigate traffic whilst he's blabbering on so you aren't concentrating on engine revs and secondly, it's bloody pointless. I've told you I'm coming in! He also seems to give an "alternate strategy" soon after the race starts - which again is annoying. So the engineer needs ALOT of work. However - more positives Another great point however is the excessive fuel and how it's portrayed to you (and fuel use in general). First, how much fuel you have left is displayed great - not at all confusing like in previous titles and second, the amount you have "in excess" is very easy to understand - AND it doesn't magically "disappear" like in previous titles. For example, in 2015, you could be shown you have +1 lap of fuel. Put the mix to rich, and that extra lap of fuel would be gone by the time you've done a lap. In this version, if you have say, +2.50 laps of fuel in excess, switching to rich could give you about 5 or 6 laps of running rich. This allows you to hugely change how you overtake and defend. Also the amount is relayed to you perfectly. It also seems like you can build up excess fuel by driving conservatively on Standard fuel mix. So if you "change up" prior to max revs (called short shifting) then you can slowly build some extra fuel for those in and out laps. Another great feature is the "beep" for changing gear. Absolutely loving this title. Best F1 game by far in an absolute age - both from a driving experience and from an immersion perspective