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  1. I fitted one to my G25 Pedals years ago, and after 30 minutes adjustment to it knew I would never go back to potentiometer brakes. It's not perfectly identical to my car, but it's near enough that it feels natural. Makes dealing with lock ups easier (you 'get off' the brakes instantly, rather than waiting for the pedal to travel full distance. Trail braking in to the apex is way easier, as is easing off just a little to let the car run if you've braked too early. Like I say, I wouldn't want to drive without a load cell brake now - I consider it essential. Ricmotech were great when I had a couple of questions.
  2. I turned on the separate shifter option and drove little bit in the H shifter. Worked perfectly. When I turned it off the paddles were working correctly.
  3. Hi All. I have a problem with gear shifting in the Mazda 787 and Audi Quatro S1 (and perhaps others). I'm using a Thrustmaster T300 with the Ferrari F1 rim, G25 pedals plugged in to it. The paddle shifters won't select gears in the two mentioned cars, but are fine in others I've tested. When applying throttle the engine speeds up, and you can see the gear selecter in the cockpit move without pressing a paddle. I've tried changing auto clutch, inverting the clutch axis, and reassigning the buttons, but I simply can't drive these cars. Any ideas?
  4. Calendar looks good - I'll have to drop Malaysia. Looking forward to it.
  5. I'm very interested. I know I can't make 16th (at Silverstone for WEC) but the others should be fine. Looking forward to seeing which tracks get picked. I think with the 'discussion' about prototypes lapping GTs it's important to consider a nice 'open' layout.
  6. I agree, race start time, duration, and format were perfect for me. I haven't been motivated enough to enter a series for ages and really enjoyed this one. As an inveterate midfielder my emphasis is on finishing cleanly rather than quickly, and picking up any 'crumbs' from just being there at the finish. The multi-class format made this a fun challenge. (And one of the reasons I got so cross with myself in the early races, but seriously pleased with my run at Silverstone.) I hope we can run something similar again soon. Sad to miss the last race, but I knew this when I signed up. (Oh, and I loved watching @Troy_Uyan's video reviews after the races to see what everyone else had been up to.)
  7. I agree it's not the fault of the mod. I have spent many, many hours watching LMP-2s race both at tracks and on TV, and the Enduracers' P2s match exactly how I imagine these cars must drive. I've driven nothing but Enduracers Ligier in rF2 since I signed up for the season, and had hardly touched rF2 since I bought it on release. This mod saved rF2 for me, and I really wish I could make Sao Paulo, it's been so much fun. (I knew I couldn't make Spa when I signed up.)
  8. Hi Rinus, I am using bezel correction, yes. I'll have a look at using rFactor2 without - thanks for the info.
  9. Hi all, Is it possible to modify the position of the pit icon or FPS counter? On my rtiple screen they sit right behind the bezels and although visible, are unclear. Thanks for any help, Gareth
  10. Brilliant video yet again Troy - I'm sending all these to my friends who drive pCars in an attempt to get some interest in rF2, and forming a team. (So glad you didn't catch any of my 'moments' in the race!) Gareth
  11. I really enjoyed this, despite some really stupid mistakes - again. Luckily noone else was involved this time. I did loads of testing running up to it, knowing that I was a good way off the pace and that a good result would depend on error free running. I completed a race distance on the server prior to the race with only minor mistakes. The race would be different! I ran medium tyres, intending to double stint them. On my in lap at the end of the first stint I got wide at the exit of Porsche Curves and sustained heavy damage against the tyre wall. I made it in to the pits, and repaired the damage and took new tyres. Well over 70 seconds lost. If I remember rightly I then ran until the end of the second stint, before calling for fuel only. Then the rain began to fall, and I had to pit for wets. The speed limiter did not engage (my wheel misses the odd button press now and then) and I got pinged for speeding, and given a stop / go. Conditions in the wet were awful, and I had another off at the exit of the Porsche Curves, luckily with not much damage. After that I resolved that I was going to finish in one piece, and dropped my pace considerably. Once again I ran low on fuel and had to splash and dash to ensure I could complete the last lap. (I really must work on this aspect of my strategy!) All in all I am happy to finish 5th (or finish at all, in fact) but disappointed I can't stop making driving errors and strategy mistakes. I'm really enjoying this series. Since the start I've only driven the Ligier in rF2, and have learnt an enormous amount because of this consistency. Looking forward to Silverstone! Gareth
  12. Hi All, I'm thinking of an upgrade, I have up to £200 to spend I guess. I currently have this system: AMD FX8350, Gigabyte 970A AM3+, 16Gb DDR3, 4Gb GeForce GTX 970. I use the system mostly for racing sims, and run a triple monitor setup at 5276 X 1050. My hardware knowledge is out of date, so I'm wondering what people would change with about £200 to spend? Thanks for any help, Gareth
  13. Makes sense, cheers guys.
  14. Cool, thanks Coutie.
  15. Absolutely spectacular track for GT cars, and the 12 hour is a real treat. Very high up my list of tracks I must get to. Looking forward to it!
  16. I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only LMP having a tough time in traffic, and no fault of the GTs. My main aim for this was to finish without any controversy, but 30 minutes in I made a stupid, impatient move again, and tapped the back of one of the BMWs on the entry to Carousel, and we both spun to the gravel. Not sure who, luckily Troy missed it for the video, but whoever it was I can only apologise. It's 100% LMP's responsibility to pass cleanly. I was so angry with myself I was on the verge of quitting before resolving it was the last time I would need to learn this lesson. For the rest of the race I was much more circumspect, losing a place twice making sure I didn't mess up a pass. I'm much happier with it that way. I drove two roughly equal stints on medium tyres, but towards the end of the second one I was seriously short on fuel. For the last 10 minutes I had the boost turned right down, and was short shifting and lifting and coasting like mad, frantically trying to work out if I could stretch the fuel to the end. I think Ricardo Boeckmann was closing me fast, and I knew he was going to pass me anyway, so wasn't too disappointed when he passed me. I could then see a healthy gap to James Andrew and did some serious coasting, watching the gap and working out my fuel margin. On the last lap I eventually passed in to sufficient fuel, and picked up the pace for the last 3/4 lap. As i crossed the line the fuel meter ticked down to 0.5 litres! I ran out of fuel before I could make the pits after the checkered flag flew. Phew!
  17. Great video again Troy!
  18. Absolutely brilliant video Troy. It appears it was not Osvaldo I got entangled with, it was a coincidence that he retired just after the incident. I thought it was a Ferrari at the time, and seeing the video it looks like it was Don Baumbach. Sorry Don, I'd much rather lose a place than compromise another driver's race and this is the approach I will take from now on. Luckily you were able to continue.
  19. EDIT - It seems it wasn't Osvaldo I tangled with, I think it was Don Baumbach - so sorry Don. I went with two stops and soft tyres, which was a mistake, but I don't see how I could have kept up on mediums and a higher fuel load. I'll have to learn how if I'm not to come in dead last in the coming races.
  20. Hi All, I'm sure I read something out on the web about backlit keyboards and a utility to make the lighting colours change to reflect yellow / green / red / etc flags. I can't find it again now, and just wondered if anyone else had seen it, and can point me back at which keyboards can do this. (And reassure me that I'm not dreaming / hallucinating!)
  21. Thanks Doug, a bit pricey for my purposes though.
  22. Wow! This season will be Audi's last in WEC for the foreseeable future. Link No idea where the series will go from here. With Rebellion withdrawing from LMP-1 we'll be down to 5 cars in LMP-1 next year.
  23. I have a personal bet on Button at Toyota for the first three races (at least) in WEC, and Rosberg popping up in a Porsche. Those comments from Hamilton vindicate my feelings of just not liking him very much. What a plum.
  24. Hi kids, Enduracers has totally rekindled my interest in rF2. I know the DX11 update is coming, but are there any quick fixes for the graphics? I find them flat and washed out, and could do with some more contrast and vibrancy. Is there anything that can be done without mucking about for too long?
  25. I just came to ask the same question - any driving aids allowed?