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  1. Le Mans 24H 2017

    Yeah, ready! Off down across the Channel tomorrow afternoon.
  2. TrackIR not working

    Sorted. F1 or F2 to change camera view. Not what I've got mapped in settings so a bit weird!
  3. TrackIR not working

    Hi All,Just started AC for the first time in a couple of weeks and my TrackIR is not working. I can't change camera views in the cockpit either. I can't find any settings in the menu or apps (It's working fine in other games...)Any ideas?
  4. Rift DK2

    Useful information, thanks for the replies.
  5. Rift DK2

    Hi All, I'd really like to try VR, and have seen quite few Rift DK2 sets going for a fraction of the price of the CV1. I'm wondering if it's a fair representation of the CV1 for evaluation purposes. Anyone got experience of both? Cheers, Gareth
  6. I'd say WEC too. Unless a lot has changed in the F1 approach since Bernie leaving, you are going to get way better access, and many more hours of racing over the weekend. (Silverstone WEC had several support races on Saturday before a 4 hour ELMS race, then nice lazy Sunday morning with the 6 hours kicking off at 12:00.)
  7. Ricmotech load cell

    Nice review. (I don't want to say "I told you so..." but....)
  8. Ricmotech load cell

    I fitted one to my G25 Pedals years ago, and after 30 minutes adjustment to it knew I would never go back to potentiometer brakes. It's not perfectly identical to my car, but it's near enough that it feels natural. Makes dealing with lock ups easier (you 'get off' the brakes instantly, rather than waiting for the pedal to travel full distance. Trail braking in to the apex is way easier, as is easing off just a little to let the car run if you've braked too early. Like I say, I wouldn't want to drive without a load cell brake now - I consider it essential. Ricmotech were great when I had a couple of questions.
  9. I turned on the separate shifter option and drove little bit in the H shifter. Worked perfectly. When I turned it off the paddles were working correctly.
  10. Hi All. I have a problem with gear shifting in the Mazda 787 and Audi Quatro S1 (and perhaps others). I'm using a Thrustmaster T300 with the Ferrari F1 rim, G25 pedals plugged in to it. The paddle shifters won't select gears in the two mentioned cars, but are fine in others I've tested. When applying throttle the engine speeds up, and you can see the gear selecter in the cockpit move without pressing a paddle. I've tried changing auto clutch, inverting the clutch axis, and reassigning the buttons, but I simply can't drive these cars. Any ideas?
  11. Proposal - Run SCES EnduRacers Series 2?

    Calendar looks good - I'll have to drop Malaysia. Looking forward to it.
  12. Proposal - Run SCES EnduRacers Series 2?

    I'm very interested. I know I can't make 16th (at Silverstone for WEC) but the others should be fine. Looking forward to seeing which tracks get picked. I think with the 'discussion' about prototypes lapping GTs it's important to consider a nice 'open' layout.
  13. SCES EnduRacers - Sao Paolo (non-points race)

    I agree, race start time, duration, and format were perfect for me. I haven't been motivated enough to enter a series for ages and really enjoyed this one. As an inveterate midfielder my emphasis is on finishing cleanly rather than quickly, and picking up any 'crumbs' from just being there at the finish. The multi-class format made this a fun challenge. (And one of the reasons I got so cross with myself in the early races, but seriously pleased with my run at Silverstone.) I hope we can run something similar again soon. Sad to miss the last race, but I knew this when I signed up. (Oh, and I loved watching @Troy_Uyan's video reviews after the races to see what everyone else had been up to.)
  14. SCES EnduRacers - Sao Paolo (non-points race)

    I agree it's not the fault of the mod. I have spent many, many hours watching LMP-2s race both at tracks and on TV, and the Enduracers' P2s match exactly how I imagine these cars must drive. I've driven nothing but Enduracers Ligier in rF2 since I signed up for the season, and had hardly touched rF2 since I bought it on release. This mod saved rF2 for me, and I really wish I could make Sao Paulo, it's been so much fun. (I knew I couldn't make Spa when I signed up.)
  15. Hi Rinus, I am using bezel correction, yes. I'll have a look at using rFactor2 without - thanks for the info.