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  1. Nice work. I got under 6:30 with a far from clean lap, but doubt I could find another three seconds.
  2. Think I lowered the wing a couple of clicks. Other than that, no changes. Kept an eye on tyre temps but they seem fine with the defaults.
  3. Donington 1.14 now available so that combo with the McLaren F1 GTR is good to go. I might even have time to participate again now
  4. Sorry, been so preoccupied I completely forgot about this. Mercedes AMG GT3 (not the SLS) at Barcelona GP.
  5. Thanks. Will have a think and get back to you later...
  6. Gents, can I suggest holding off on that for a week (or two, max). Donington 1.14 is very close and is much improved, visually at least. Sorry I didn't put in a lap to celebrate VIR being released, but you know how it is when you're busy
  7. Think I learned a couple of things in terms of setup. It'll be interesting to see if this transfers to other cars and tracks. Firstly, just because instinct tells you a circuit is high-ish downforce (as I assumed here), just sticking tons of rear wing on is definitely the wrong thing to do. Because GT cars are inherently limited in terms of front downforce, I struggled hugely with understeer. Didn't think reducing the rear wing would help that because it obviously doesn't increase the front downforce, but the reality (which I only discovered last night) was that less rear wing made for a much better *balanced* car. Also regarding balance, I've a new appreciation for the effects of adjusting anti-roll bars. This might be specific to the unrelenting non laser-scanned bumpiness of Zandvoort, but significantly stiffening the front relative to the rear made for much improved traction out of corners. Another thing I noticed was that incremental adjustments to the rear ARB had a much greater effect than the front. Took a quick look at Archii's setup ini but haven't had chance to drive it. It looks lower downforce and stiffer in terms of springs and dampers so it'll be interesting to try that. Doubt there's much hope of me getting anywhere near his pace tho'.
  8. 36.9-something was bloody hard work. Took almost an entire bottle of wine and an equal volume of sweat.
  9. Has to be hotlap for the leaderboards to work. The friends leaderboard should show a message to that effect if you open it in practice.
  10. Did 37.5 yesterday after three beers. Spent four hours today trying to beat it before finally finding a mere 2 tenths. Go figure. Lots of dicking about with the setup which I'm never sure makes me faster or slower. Was hoping to get into the 36's but as always there's a couple of key corners where I really struggle for consistency.
  11. Sorry, saw this Sat morning and then completely forgot about it. Not done Mugello for a while so how about that in the MX-5 Cup? I'd also like to suggest that the winner of the previous round has to set the temperature to 36C, or whatever the maximum is
  12. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Pouhon? In theory all it needs is a brief lift before turning in and you can be back at 100% throttle before the second apex. Unfortunately that only happens about 1 in 20 attempts, the rest of the time I'm either off the throttle and losing momentum for far too long, or misjudge the entry completely and end up off the outside of the track. Because Eau Rouge and Blancimont are such non-events in car like the F138 it feels like Pouhon (along with the unnamed T11 before it and the importance of a good exit from La Source) are the critical points which make or break a lap. Reckon the time above is probably about my limit with the current setup. Might have a fettle this evening and see if I can improve it, although I usually just end up making things worse. Doesn't help that the modern F1 cars introduce new stuff like heave springs/dampers and while I understand what they do in principle, working out how that affects what happens on the track is a very different prospect.
  13. Is this supposed to be cumulative? If so, here's the above with mine added... dream pack 1 - x x x dream pack 2 - x x x dream pack 3 - x x x Jap pack dlc - x x red pack dlc - x x
  14. Just got my Vive yesterday. Resolution is pretty crap as expected but compared to my old, slow IPS triple screens a low latency 90Hz panel is a revelation. Definitely catching the rear end in situations where I'd have lost it before. Not sure if I'm any quicker for it tho