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  1. Lonestar Le Mans 2016

    Alright, day 2 photos are going up. Here's the ISMA Weathertec SportsCar Championship: Sorry for the delay, here's the FIA WEC stuff. -Jenrick
  2. Lonestar Le Mans 2016

    So I've got about 2500 pics to sort through over the next few days, so I apologize that it may be a bit before more pics go up. They finally opened up the entire track perimeter for fans to walk and shoot from, so I got some pretty cool shots from some angles I hadn't been able to try before. The WEC ran from 5p-11p, so that added some night shooting as well. Which I found out I do not have the glass for. Low light performance at the distances you have to shoot from in the stands was marginal. It was possible to get decent shots on the front straight and in pit row with the lighting there. I did play quiet a bit with the head lights and tail lights, and go some neat effects. Overall it was a great way to spend 15 hours at the track! Doug: I'm using a 55mm-300mm f/4-5.8. It's enough lens to get down to track on the stuff that is close to the stands, but I'd like something with a little more reach to get back to the far corners from the stands. Turn 12 (the end of the back straight) is just a hair too far for a 300mm. Also for night shooting, I'd recommend something in the f/2.8 range, which considering a 300mm or longer starts well north of $1k I'll probably just rent next near. Magnum: So I actually walked past both of the RV parking facilities on my track tour. I'd recommend the "primitive" site (I think it's lot R), you can actually see the track pretty well. Basically turn 4-9 or so, where as the "nice" site, you can't see squat over the wall, except for 1 elevated viewing platform. Sure there's a pool for the kiddo's, but that was the only advantage I saw. To add to my track notes from above: It's Texas people. Summer runs from about March to about November (and occasionally into December). Temps will get will over 95 in the summer, and Austin is humid, like coastal humid. CotA has very little shade where you can see the track, dress and hydrate appropriately. I saw probably 5-6 people each day having to have EMS attend to them, including one getting loaded up in ambulance with an IV on Thursday. -Jenrick
  3. Lonestar Le Mans 2016

    Day 1 featured a Porsche GT3 Cup race, a Lamborghini Trofeo race (formerly the Blancpain series), and practice and quals for both the Weathertec Endurance series and Continental Tire Challenge. Today (Day 2) had a Lambo race in the morning, and a Porsche race in the evening. I have a wedding to attend shortly so I skipped out today, as the rest is all practice and quals. Tomorrow (Day 3) is when the main WEC and Continental races are being run, look forward to a lot of pics. I shot about 850 photo's yesterday so I'm slowly culling through them. The lighting varied from WAY to bright and harsh, to just about perfect. All day 1 photos are posted. Please bear in mind these are with very limited sorting. Here's a link to the Lamborghini stuff from yesterday. #77 Crowley racing was in a battle for with 1st with the #1 Prestige Performance Racing for about half the race, hence all the shoots of #1 trying to get an overtake of #77. https://www.flickr.com/photos/66584720@N00/albums/72157673957049565 Blancpain Race 1 (54 of 55) by Jenricketenriss, on Flickr Pit Photos from Day 1 Continental Sportscar Challenge practice Porsche GT3 race FIA WEC practice Weathertec SportsCar Championship Practice These are pretty much straight out of the camera, I may have done a quick batch white balance or exposure correction but that's it. If you've got a request for particular car, corner, etc, let me know and I'll see what I can do tomorrow. If you don't feel like wading through close to 1000 pictures, in a few days I'll have the finals sorted, color corrected, etc. and I'll publish those to an album for a much more condensed viewing experience. Also for those interested, tickets ran about $85 (with service fee) for a three day pass, and $30 for three days parking. Tickets are good for anywhere in the house that's not a luxury box (though to be honest I didn't try it, maybe they are!), and for this one there was no extra charge for the pit walk or grid walk (F1 was an extra $150 for the grid walk, and I think an extra $300 for pit/paddock access). Expect to drop about $10 for food per entree item, and about $5 for anything to drink at a minimum (that's a soda, beers start at $8 I believe). There are plenty of water fountains and the staff doesn't care if you bring in an empty water bottle or Nalgene type bottle. I usually get a souvenir soda cup as I head home, and just drink water the rest of the day. Wear good shoes, and be prepared to walk, I think I logged about 4 miles moving around yesterday. -Jenrick
  4. Pirelli World Challenge Austin

    Thanks! The lighting wasn't the best for taking photos, but I think I got a few good snaps. I plan on getting a newer camera before the Lone Star Lemans and the Vintage Sports Car Club nationals, so we'll see if I can get better action shots. -Jenrick
  5. So after skipping events at CotA last year, I got back out to the track today. Overall the event wasn't up to the usual level they are there. Part of it is the smaller series, but overall it was just small. CotA appears to renovating the stands prior to MotoGP, as all but one of the T1 stands is gone, and the T12-T15 complex I normally sit in was closed and half removed. What comes in their place we'll find out. So basically to see more then the front straight or the first turn you had to sit in the grass among the construction. I gave up and just hiked to the top of T1 and sat there. The open paddock was nice change from the other professional series I had been to. It allowed for some good picture taking and talking to the crews and sponsors which was neat. However it wasn't nearly as big as the Vintage Racing Championship, so there's really only about an afternoons worth of stuff to see. Also as the cars were actually in the paddock, versus out for show, getting good shots of some of them was difficult. Overall for $40 (not counting lunch) it wasn't a bad day, but I'm not going to go back tomorrow as I can watch the racing with better angles live streamed tomorrow. Here's my raw pics from today, please note nothing is color corrected, edited, cropped, etc yet. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them. https://www.flickr.com/photos/66584720@N00/albums/72157664928458920 -Jenrick
  6. "hardcore" 1991 Mexican GP @ Autódromo Rodríguez

    Well 6 laps in or so, got on the gas while on the curb and managed to knock off my front wing and ding up the left suspension. Held it together for another lap or two, before I whacked the other side and lost all steering. But hey considering the real Coloni didn't even make it out of pre-qualifying I'll take a DNF! -Jenrick
  7. "hardcore" 1991 Mexican GP @ Autódromo Rodríguez

    K, good to know I'm not too far off then. I'm going low/moderate down force to maximize the front straight speed, as there are really only a few higher speed turns. The car is stable and reasonably easy to drive, so I'll keep tinkering to see what all I can squeeze out of it. Biggest issues I've got is keeping the brakes up to temp (already running brake duct at 1), and getting the rear tires up to temp (already on the softest non-qualifying compound). The good news is that the engine sips fuel at a miserly 2.4L per lap even at full mixture. -Jenrick
  8. "hardcore" 1991 Mexican GP @ Autódromo Rodríguez

    Just curious what folks are running. In the Coloni in full qualifying trim I'm down in the 1:25's, and race pace is about 1:30-1:31's. -Jenrick
  9. "hardcore" 1991 Mexican GP @ Autódromo Rodríguez

    Okay working now. -Jenrick
  10. Thanks for all the opinions. I'm leaning towards the Fanatec option currently as it's not that much more (particularly when the G27 isn't on sale). I like the belt drive over gearing, as my Momo certainly isn't quite or subtle. Does anyone have any thoughts on the CSR Shifter set US? I do like using an H pattern shifter, but to be honest it just doesn't seem as sturdy as other options out there (based solely on the appearance mind you). Also the fact that Fanatec is out of stock also presents a problem. I'll admit that the G27 coming with a shifter does make things simpler in that regard. -Jenrick
  11. "hardcore" 1991 Mexican GP @ Autódromo Rodríguez

    Well I just posted a better time then Chaves did in pre-qualifying, a blistering 1:35.88 with a race load of fuel and race tires. I consider anything else gravy as I have now improved on reality . Also it's nice having a car that I don't have to worry about wheel spin too much -Jenrick
  12. I'm upgrading from my Momo, and I'm trying to figure out what to go with. Newegg and Amazon have the G27 on sale for $199 right now. Dang good price, on a dang good wheel. I had a chance to borrow one, and I liked it quite a bit. I like it even more at the $199 price point! The only issue with it, is that it does NOT like the shape of my desk, I'll have to do a hard mount of some sort, but I've got some ideas on that. Right now Fanatec is running a deal where you can get the Porsche wheel, and the CSR US pedals for 229.95. I know Fanatec makes good wheels, but I've never had a chance to put my hands on one. Does anyone have an opinion on the wheel, the pedals, or hopefully both? Thanks, -Jenrick
  13. "hardcore" 1991 Mexican GP @ Autódromo Rodríguez

    Got it. As soon as I saw 100% damage I figured it was all about survival -Jenrick
  14. Set ups

    Thank you, very good bit of info there. -Jenrick
  15. "hardcore" 1991 Mexican GP @ Autódromo Rodríguez

    Just to make sure I'm understanding how the lottery works, as #31 I'm driving the Colonoi-Ford driving by Pedro Chaves right? This ought to be interesting. -Jenrick