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  1. How's the VR in...?

    Some games/sims are obviously more vomit-inducing than others, I felt really bad when I first got my Rift and the feeling would last hours after I took it off. I will say however, that it is just a case of building up the time and getting used to it before the feeling goes away. I'd also recommend a fan blowing in your face gently, it's a massive help and often keeps the sick feeling away.....not sure why it works but many people in addition to me have reported that it's a great way of getting to grips with it.
  2. Sim recommendation please

    I'd also recommend pCARS as the best all-rounder Ice.....some of the other sims mentioned may do some elements better but you can't go too far wrong and there's lots of different types of racing and single player careers to keep you busy for a long time.
  3. No chevy license?

    It's a bit of a hot topic on the WMD forums.......many people were requesting Lambo and Ferrari, the devs replied that the Lambo license was extortionate and not to hold our breath, on top of that they said the licensing discussions were very delicate so they couldn't go into detail at all - then another post said 'hold your breath' and a community manager from WMD made a post on their Facebook page hinting at, and then confirming Lambo - then the post was removed and he was publicly 'told off' claiming it was a tease. There are rumours that Lambo and Ferrari will be DLC but no source can confirm it yet.
  4. DiRT Rally - Sim or "Sim"?

    Not a bad first attempt Magnum......everyone needs to practice their 3-point turns at some point I do like the audio.....will be putting this on my 'watch' list.
  5. FS: Fanatec Pedals and Wheel

    I've only just seen this post......I assume they are well and truly sold?
  6. DiRT 3 complete edition out via Steam...

    Well that's weird....started the game today and it runs fine but can't see any evidence of an update today! I tested the game only yesterday following the patch announcement but it didn't work....anyway, happy so far - will test the G27 tomorrow but expecting the right hand turn lock as per Ragtop's post and many people on the forums with the same issue.
  7. DiRT 3 complete edition out via Steam...

    Can't get mine to launch at all (Win 7 x64 or Win 8.1 x64).....many people having the same problem on the forums. It crashes as soon as it attempts to launch, I've tried installing the OpenAL driver and compatability settings with no joy.
  8. 1 x 27" 2560x1440 (ebay special from S.Korea with Samsung Panel) and 1 x 24" 1920x1080 Driving these with a GTX 970.
  9. PCars driver list

    Steam nick: Paradaz
  10. BMW Z4 GT3 @ Monza This Sunday 3rd Aug

    I missed last week as I was in Scotland watching the Commonwealth Games.....the date for the next event says 8th August? Is this meant to be the 3rd August (tomorrow) or 10th (next weekend) ?
  11. KTM-XBow @ Silverstone Int.This Sunday 20th July

    I'll give that a try, thanks.
  12. KTM-XBow @ Silverstone Int.This Sunday 20th July

    When you guys join these challenge sessions do you make any changes to the car setup?....are you even allowed to or is it locked in a default configuration? The reason I ask is that I just had a few quick testlaps and the Xbow feels like the F40 as it has no grip at all. I'm sliding around the corners like it's on ice even at slow speeds.
  13. KTM-XBow @ Silverstone Int.This Sunday 20th July

    I had a few laps of Imola in the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 event last Sunday.......for anyone else that can compare the AC version of the McLaren to the Project CARS one which do you think is modelled the best? To me, it feels like the Project CARS McLaren is a top-end supercar that is twitchy and always on the edge, the AC version in comparison is sluggish to accelerate and feels like you're driving a Volvo S70 (having said that I haven't gone back to Project CARS since I played AC for the first time), so which one is more 'realistic' or are they both not quite there yet because one thing is for sure, I'll never find out what it's like to drive opne for real! Anyone got any ideas or thoughts?
  14. Just bought AC on Steam - question

    Apologies Chunx, I may have mislead you there....I'm trying out so many different apps at the moment. Try this overlay for size....(you can login with your Steam I'D if you haven't already created an acccount) http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index....maller-ui.1707/