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  1. So... I might of already mentioned it here, I bought a 2017 Harley Davidson touring bike, and next year, 2018, I plan on touring America to every IMSA sport car race, when that time comes, will ask people in the know, the same questions... but as a test run, I was thinking of my first trip, (actually my second, first will be with the wife down to Key West in a month or two), anyway... I was thinking of either going to the F1 race in October, OR the WEC race in September. My question(s) for people in the know... What is the better event to go too? F1 or WEC What is the better time frame, weather wise, Sept or October, (probably not much difference on that). Where is the best seat? What area should I look to sit in. They have a 2 day ticket and a 1 day ticket for the WEC? What takes 2 days? My plan is to ride in, stay in a hotel outside of the track area for the night before, then go, after race ride back as much as possible. Suggestions/ideas? For other bike/tour owners/riders... this will be my first, a test run for next years fill IMSA season... any other recommendations or suggestions? Thx...
  2. OUCH, 18 hours... a couple of hotel stays then, like I said...still learning/exploring my plans. "18 h 39 min (1,292.3 mi) via I-75 N and I-10 W"
  3. Not really mainstream here...but a good sitting in a doctor's office, or waiting for a wife to finish shopping, or on the ^#%*ter... lol... game... "GRID Autosport is primed to arrive on iOS this spring. The complete experience of the desktop game is coming to both iPhone and iPad."
  4. Some of you may remember that I mentioned long ago of a plan to buy a RV and tour the complete IMSA circuit after I retired... well I retired last year, was looking into an RV, and even with a 30k down payment, financing the rest would of been 500 bucks a month for 15 years... we could afford that but after much thought didn't want to waste that money... so... fast forward to today... researching motorcycle cross country cruising... I could pay cash for a 30k cruising motorcycle like the Honda Goldwing... and the thought is to go to each race, sleeping under the stars or in cheap hotel rooms across America... anyone have a cruising MC, or ever done anything similar... just researching now... pros and cons? thank in advance.
  5. Project Cars is free via the game for gold section of the Xbox One store... a great game, probably the best, most sim like racer on Xbox One that works well... pick it up if you haven't.
  6. If your a console racer, I started a club via live called "Gamepad Racing", (you don't have to use a gamepad, just got to realize 90% of console gamers do, so give room.) We have a IMSA season, a WEC season, (LMP1 and GT3 cars), using both FM6 and Project Cars. We will also be having a F1 season using F1 2016. Points and all. Clean racing rules. Also have "Club Events" like the upcoming Daytona 50, the Indy 50, Le Mans 4 hour... etc etc... So, if interested... by the way points and prizes for the IMSA and WEC season... add me on live, Magnum9846 and/or join the club "Gamepad Racing.
  7. end of race, so much more open to moves... and just FYI, the whole race in 3 blocks is on you tube now.
  8. the finish comes on at 1 Eastern on Fox Sports 1. just fyi
  9. Part of the free games for xbox live gold members, Project Cars digital edition will be free 2/16/17 on the XBL store.
  10. I really want to like this game, but it's conversion for console is terrible... wondering if anyone has some suggestions to make this more playable with a gamepad... and no get a wheel is not a answer. First image is their defaults which are terrible, the second is what I've been working with, and the third is another option page which I haven't changed, wondering if any settings there would help. Then a clip of the driving, which gives me a headache... nothing like the smooth pCARS or FM6 gamepad play.
  11. Excuse my ignorance... but how do you host a race both public or private in Assetto Corsa ... I can't find it anywhere on the MP screen... talking about the console, Xbox One version... anyone know? thx
  12. Just FYI... a premium version was released today... 3 DLC's for 16 bucks... 1 new track, the other are cars... needs a lot more tracks for me to pay for any of this, IMO. (since I already have it on XB1.)
  13. Looking good, guess it's coming for the Sports Car series in 2017...
  14. Wasn't too impressed with the first RIDE motorcycle racing game, but am pleasantly surprised in Number 2... much better game, better graphics, performance, and options... My first time trial at Nurburgring...
  15. analog, and the new XB1 controllers really have some nice features, IE: force feedback in the throttle and brake etc etc... I of course have the expensive but awesome elite controller. What I hate about it and all games lately... giving you crap, and having to unlock everything with race sessions.
  16. I use a controller... but IMO, no current form of input really meets the sim requirement to make it even close to realistic. Would need a MC handlebar controller... and maybe something like KINETC for XB1 to use for leaning left and right. And yes, it's a racing game... was just doing time trials.
  17. I agree with you more then you'd think... as a console gamer I'm just use to the bashing... when we deserve good sims, good developers too. But I do agree with you, and don't like it...but I'm on the other side of the coin.
  18. Ya, their already complaining how console will ruin it, lol... I just wish they would make Race Pro backwards compatible already... was a great game/sim on 360 with problems due to lack of console power.
  19. Isn't there like a 30 degree bank to the infield? Can't be real?
  20. guess you can't delete here... fake, from 2009
  21. Had to share, kinda proud how well it turned out and how detailed it is...
  22. Thx, fishing... born and raised in Florida, never like it... Will be RVing... buying a Class B this year or next then the following year going to every major racing event/track.
  23. Don't know what the heck Turn 10 was thinking with the default gamepad settings in Forza Horizon 3, default controls are very open, meaning way to much play... I'd recommend you try these, (Thanks to Tigerwulf for this help/feedback), then adjust.