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  1. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Cool, will look into it.
  2. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    I am buying tickets as soon as they come available, so if you've been to any of the tracks, best seat advise would be appreciated! Or section/area. Thx.
  3. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    2018 IMSA Season Tour 2018 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Schedule Date Event / Venue Jan. 5-7 Roar Before The Rolex 24 At Daytona Jan. 25-28 Rolex 24 At Daytona March 14-17 Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring April 13-14 BUBBA burger SportsCar Grand Prix at Long Beach May 4-6 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course June 1-2 Chevrolet Sports Car Classic at Belle Isle Park June 28-July 1 Sahlen’s Six Hours of The Glen at Watkins Glen July 6-8 Mobil 1 SportsCar Grand Prix at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park July 20-21 Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park Aug. 3-5 Continental Tire Road Race Showcase at Road America Aug. 17-19 Michelin GT Challenge at VIR Sept. 7-9 Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix at Laguna Seca Oct. 10-13 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta
  4. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Thx.... and damn just heard they dropped CotA and added Mid-Ohio for 2018.
  5. Dirt 4?

    well I did to try and find your answer... one game was up, hosted my own no one joined, lol. so unknown.
  6. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Started my ride blog, won't be much in it till next year... but anyway, if interested... http://ridemagnumride.blogspot.com/
  7. Alrighty, my 2018 IMSA tour is set, just ordered my first event tickets at Daytona International Speedway for the 24 hour race, usually buy general tickets, but for the launch of my tour I went big, Lounge indoor and outdoor seating over looking the pits and start/finish line.... Looking forward to my 2018 retirement IMSA tour... I just named that, lol... "THREE-DAY ROLEX 24 LOUNGE PACKAGE (FRIDAY-SUNDAY) The Rolex 24 At DAYTONA Lounge is an upscale area where members will be immersed in an exclusive, upscale experience overlooking DAYTONA’s famed start/finish line. The Rolex 24 Lounge features a club-like feel with spacious social areas, premium bar and buffet, UNOH Fanzone/Garage access and second-to-none amenities. Each Rolex 24 Lounge member will also have access to indoor seating, a general admission outdoor seat, preferred parking and a private suite entrance."
  8. Dirt 4?

    Got it and think it's a great game/racer with tons of discipline and options... but with that said, still think Dirt Rally is the better rally game, and probably a good time to get it since most likely cheap now... I use the sim settings and Dirt 4 still doesn't match the Dirt Rally feel... I thought it was suppose to be the same, but it's not. I can't play D4 then go play DR, because then I'm crashing/losing it all over, but can play DR first then go to D4 and excel. Do love the Rallycross in D4, 5 tracks, more options... DR only had 3. imo
  9. I've always played racing games... but with Dirt Rally I hosted a MP Rallycross series on XB1 about 6 months ago, and it was incredible, some of the best racing ever... so today with the release of DiRT4 I tried a round of Rallycross, only with AI today, people still getting it... but after a long qualification series got to the final and won... was absolutely incredible, especially lap 5 of 6... intense. Sim steering with a gamepad, pro settings... Rally and Rallycross I prefer external view over cockpit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27oKiW55PQU
  10. Tell me about Circuit of the Americas

    OUCH, 18 hours... a couple of hotel stays then, like I said...still learning/exploring my plans. "18 h 39 min (1,292.3 mi) via I-75 N and I-10 W"
  11. So... I might of already mentioned it here, I bought a 2017 Harley Davidson touring bike, and next year, 2018, I plan on touring America to every IMSA sport car race, when that time comes, will ask people in the know, the same questions... but as a test run, I was thinking of my first trip, (actually my second, first will be with the wife down to Key West in a month or two), anyway... I was thinking of either going to the F1 race in October, OR the WEC race in September. My question(s) for people in the know... What is the better event to go too? F1 or WEC What is the better time frame, weather wise, Sept or October, (probably not much difference on that). Where is the best seat? What area should I look to sit in. They have a 2 day ticket and a 1 day ticket for the WEC? What takes 2 days? My plan is to ride in, stay in a hotel outside of the track area for the night before, then go, after race ride back as much as possible. Suggestions/ideas? For other bike/tour owners/riders... this will be my first, a test run for next years fill IMSA season... any other recommendations or suggestions? Thx...
  12. GRID coming to iOS (mobile)

    Not really mainstream here...but a good sitting in a doctor's office, or waiting for a wife to finish shopping, or on the ^#%*ter... lol... game... "GRID Autosport is primed to arrive on iOS this spring. The complete experience of the desktop game is coming to both iPhone and iPad."
  13. Some of you may remember that I mentioned long ago of a plan to buy a RV and tour the complete IMSA circuit after I retired... well I retired last year, was looking into an RV, and even with a 30k down payment, financing the rest would of been 500 bucks a month for 15 years... we could afford that but after much thought didn't want to waste that money... so... fast forward to today... researching motorcycle cross country cruising... I could pay cash for a 30k cruising motorcycle like the Honda Goldwing... and the thought is to go to each race, sleeping under the stars or in cheap hotel rooms across America... anyone have a cruising MC, or ever done anything similar... just researching now... pros and cons? thank in advance.
  14. Project Cars is free via the game for gold section of the Xbox One store... a great game, probably the best, most sim like racer on Xbox One that works well... pick it up if you haven't.
  15. If your a console racer, I started a club via live called "Gamepad Racing", (you don't have to use a gamepad, just got to realize 90% of console gamers do, so give room.) We have a IMSA season, a WEC season, (LMP1 and GT3 cars), using both FM6 and Project Cars. We will also be having a F1 season using F1 2016. Points and all. Clean racing rules. Also have "Club Events" like the upcoming Daytona 50, the Indy 50, Le Mans 4 hour... etc etc... So, if interested... by the way points and prizes for the IMSA and WEC season... add me on live, Magnum9846 and/or join the club "Gamepad Racing.