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  1. SOLD
  2. Had it for a while. Maybe an hour driving time (for me). All works as advertised. Asking $100.00 + shipping OBO. I've found the MOMO on eBay for $130.00 +. You can PM me here, or email 531ghost @t gmail.com
  3. Hang in there Chip!
  4. Originally Posted By: amkLong Beach? Yup!
  5. Just havin' some fun gettin' set up... So far, it's been a h00t!
  6. 1.23.1 Lap time at Northamptonshire Intl. Gettin' better! I'm patched now. Haven't downloaded any tracks or cars... but this is a BLAST! Guys, You wouldn't BELIEVE how many times I've been in the HOTAS debates. They're all toys, Drive what fits you and what you like. At the moment, I'm driving with my FighterStick and ProPedals. Joe, I repllied to your PM
  7. Boy oh boy. Do I have a LOT to learn! How in the heck are the AI guys so fast?
  8. Thanks Chipwich! It was the demo that sold me. 15 minutes just wasn't enough! But during that 15 minutes I managed to get my lap times (single car, me) to around 2 minutes per lap using my FS and PP. I'm not a hamfisted flyer so the subtle adjustments are something I'm used to. Could I do better with a wheel? Probably, but, we'll see. Now I have to figure out how to skin my car. Something royal blue with a skull, stars, and lightning bolts aughta do.
  9. Well, I did it. I got my first racing sim. rFactor. I'll be trying it out tonight. Let's see how well I can steer a car with my FighterStick.
  10. It is.
  11. It does.