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  1. Le Mans 24H 2017

    What a Race....wauv...
  2. lmp1 30 min race open for all 30 min qual starting 2330 cet 8minutes please join servername macedk lmp1
  3. Wheel Calibration

    Good to hear
  4. Wheel Calibration

    HI 1. turn the wheel full extent left and right a couple of times, then leave wheel at center and click next. 2. turn the wheel 90 degrees and hold it and click next...the wheel will return to center and let it do that Notes: sometimes I have to do the calibrate when I enter the game. I unplug the wheel due to placement constraints.
  5. US Race Car Pack

    Tried the new merc briefly..swapping ends. The cr.7 had to have it hehe (danish driver) Monza, spa gt3 country Still working on Le mans in the lmp1 audi..boost concern is not my style (just another thing i need to learn to master..sigh)
  6. PATCH

    Hi guys forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?39377-Project-CARS-PS4-Patch-4-0-Release-Notes As usual its hours before one of our races hehhe
  7. Streaming the SCES Race 2 at Spa

    Looks cool Itchy neck ??
  8. Road America Times?

    Hmm so looks like i'm doing something right
  9. Race debrief from me qual: Hit the wall in the porsche section and got a invalid laps + next laps invalidated. Did a approx. 3.58.xxx in the last qual, that didn't took. oh well p4 was fgine race: Start...stay behind unless there was a real margin to overtake. After some laps i started to push a bit but in general I was slow in the slow section and fast in fast section. Big yoyo effect and when i was in front, the car behind only came close enough to show the nose ..so I didn't have to drive in the mirrors . Small mistakes here and there and didn't hold my position for dear life hehe. Had it been a Aston/Sls cars only I would not have finished 3rd Lap 34: Didn't get last lap and looked at the fuel....7.52 liters...hmm darn time to do a pit stop before last lap..(i got full service ) I had around 50 seconds to position 3 at that point..came out of pit 3rd 12 seconds behind and spun in first Mulsanne chicane...Some damage and liped home Pcars has ways to go but it's good fun
  10. More things to avoid when my robot car is out of control
  11. Hehe rgr that right now don't be near me at: turn in to mulsanne corner..dunlup curve brake zone...there the car does its own thing and once it is really down in speed i get control again Not looking to win but looking to get around the track more than one lap with white knuckles
  12. Hi guys Would like some pointers in all aspects...tall order oh yes ..let me try to explain 1. don't feel comfortable in car (aston gt3) 2. need confidence in car before i can drive to my likin... 3. example..the setup for the audi r18 i can push and feel at home...the best setup no but i can drive it the my limit. 4. I might be to lmp1 struck for drivin a gt3 car .. 5. track knowhow in the dry at daylight is ok (for me level) u know whaqt i mean 6. I need to trust the car first...right now i don't not a setup guru and i suspect it might be my drivin style for this car that is wrong as well) 7. A track i want to good at and i know i can be ok track wise. 8. normally i find a good compromise with the car and my style but not this time and gettin abit off balance 9. tip towing around and hesitating...(argh) To sum up right now ..loose off the power ...not turning in under braking... loose under power out of corners.. scared to push and changing my mind about drivin at the last minute basically...not to my level (whatever that may be ) I rather have slow but a car under my control than vice versa hehe . not looking for a perfect setup but for pointers at all my concerns ....I know it is a compo between my car and my style..I like when i loose before the car does ..if that makes any sense never goona chicken out but i'm at a loss .....out of sync
  13. just a heads up http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ times are in native gmt
  14. I'm in MIKKEL AHM/MACEDK/ASTON MARTIN V12/#007/macedk
  15. I'm back in ..now with a backup of the file but it's a pain to redo the setup . Takes a long time when driving le mans . God I love that track. Being a Dane the audi has been a long wait