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  1. Interestingly, I've been utilising Hockenheim 1988 and Monaco 88 for something to do with this car..... But i'll leave that for now i may sneak some laps in
  2. Gonna jump on late tomorrow night after work and see what i can put out there, guessing i will be towards the rear of the pack in this, never got on with this car.
  3. piotr what in the world are you taking cos i damn well want some!! hell of a lap! i cant drive this thing for toffee
  4. Was worried for a while there, but im damn proud of that one! i shall chalk this up as my first AC win Just a nice tip for those whom use auto clutch with flappy paddle gears on this car.... as you downshift stab the throttle it works so damn well, BUT only if you get the timing right, on this run i nailed it all bar one downshift and reaped the benefits, i had gears also set to the 3rd from last if you clicked left on the gear cogs too. I have a replay file and i will eventually get around to uploading that
  5. oh heck yeah but errrmmm might wanna re check that laptime
  6. wow you cruel heartless son of a.... but this is why i love you, now wheres my gloves and boots, it's time!
  7. id give it a go, but i dont have a h shifter and if they have nerfed it then i see no point lol, DB you spend way too much time on this it seems decimating the times