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  2. Yes, maybe they were allowed to post it though. Probably not, because they recorded it with their phone.
  3. That clip has been out in multiple places, including the official forum.
  4. hmmm... don't know why but looks a bit strange to me. I hope some expert comes here and tell me why I am wrong.
  5. Ah, they are running a closed one with NDA? Shall I delete my post? I don't want anyone to get into trouble...
  6. Looks like someone won't be invited back to test.
  7. Last week
  8. Oh yes, I'll take that with salt, pepper and all the spices, it's going to be delicious.
  9. Not sure of the source though, so take it with a grain of salt.
  10. I updated Barber yesterday, only a couple of textures were off. I think Road America is ok and won't need an update.
  11. Never give up, never surrender!
  12. Thanks Cosimo!
  13. If you happen to have Photoshop, there's an action that will help with a basic conversion to Albedo:
  14. Yep, looks like Alex is correct. Every car and track will indeed need some changing (as he said, more or less) for DX11 to not hot spot bloom like crazy. Looks like another possible round of potential hell for rFactor2 modding and new releases of everything for DX11 to function with current content.
  15. Not that we didn't try. And try. And try.
  16. great racing and a really entertaining video! Congrats!
  17. That was me, in retrospect it was hilarious! At the time... not so much. Of course, last Saturday during the VLMS race @ SRC, rain hit. I learned my lesson, and waited a lap to pit for wet tires, expecting the same calamity. The next lap, pit in with a nearly empty pit lane... except for one car in my pit box! I can't win.
  18. Oh, for this I too will find the time for sure!
  19. Hehe, I wouldn't bet on that. We'll be running these bad boys even if i'm the only person on track!
  20. Wow! this looks and sounds fantastic. It's great to have another great AC mod that... we will never race here
  21. Big congratulations, guys! Glad to see the bad luck did not hit you this time. It was painful to see what you guys went thrugh at Suzuka. I don't think I will ever have rF2 pace to do races in such a serious leauges, but will appreciate if you could PM me your setup (this is URD car, isn't). I will play with it to check how far off I am he he. What were the benchmark race laptimes in both dry and wet? p.s. the wet pitlane comedy was priceless to watch, also when one of you shouted 'give me a break' seeing that proto blocking your pitbox entry again
  22. I think all cars and tracks will need to be updated for this, even if just for minor things.
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