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  2. MNRL is proud to announce the details of our 5th season here at CMS! 12 weeks... Two series running concurrently... DRM Revival Series starts September 5, 2017 Zolder Hockenheim Norisring Salzburgring Zandvoort Nurburgring (Sprint) 1966 Gurney Eagle Tribute Series starts September 12th, 2017. Kyalami Silverstone Monaco Nordschleife Zandvoort Interlagos .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............................................ Attention all interested drivers! There will be an "official" practice and race session for the Gurney Eagles on August 29th at Watkins Glen. "Official" race session will begin at regular race start time. Race length will be reduced to 25 minutes and this race will not be scored. However, everyone is encouraged to join so that we all get some valuable track time in before the season's start................................................... .................................................. .................................................. ............................................The DRM Revival Series schedule is as follows:September 5 - ZolderSeptember 19 - HockenheimOctober 3 - NorisringOctober 17 - SalzburgringNovember 7 - ZandvoortNovember 21 - Nurburgring (Sprint)Download DRM mod here.Relevant Track downloads for DRM series:Zolder HockenheimNorisringSalzburgringZandvoortNurburgring (Sprint)The 1966 Gurney Eagle Tribute Series schedule is as follows:August 29 - (Official Practice Race) Watkins GlenSeptember 12 - KyalamiSeptember 26- SilverstoneOctober 10 - MonacoOctober 24 - NordschleifeNovember 14 - ZandvoortNovember 28 - InterlagosDownload Gurney Eagle mod hereRelevant track downloads for Gurney Eagles Tribute SeriesKyalami, Silverstone, Monaco, Zandvoort, InterlagosNordschleife.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............................................Drivers interested in registering for these series, please visit the car selection threads.DRM Car Selection Thread (to come, work in progress)Gurney Eagle Car Selection Thread. (to come, work in progress)*Parts of the Gurney Eagle thread are time sensitive. Drivers who choose make their choices before Sunday, September 3rd, will be able to customize paint scheme as well as number and a few other things. Further details and instructions in Eagle car selection thread.All drivers are welcome, however, if you are new to MNRL note that MNRL follows CMS guidelines for rules and conduct, and also we have a few guidelines that might be MNRL specific as well.To get up to speed on these guidelines and all MNRL procedure, please review the following threads here at CMS:CMS League Wide GuidelinesMNRL Rules and Guidelines ExplainedSPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE CHIEF STEWARD:As usual, the lift/blip is in effect. Repetitive speedshiftingwill result in motor damage and failure.Lift/blip videoNew Drivers:The sim we are using is rFactor 1.Look for the pre-race announcement in the MNRL forums for more details on each race in the series and how to connect to the server.If you are 55 or older feel free to sign up for the Seniors Championship(s), also in the MNRL forums.
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  4. Studio 397 August Update

  5. OSW ordered

    Lol I worked hard to favour the osw and managed to beat the time with 50 hundreds of a second. Now I will not test anymore but take for granted that the osw setup is faster. Don´t matter that I have 100s of h on the osw and way more on the he ultimates and just 1 on the G29 Always the driver at the end of the day. So many fast aliens on half broken dfps
  6. OSW ordered

    Per why do you not let everyone know, that you are faster with the G29, compared to both OSW and Thrustmaster wheels?
  7. SimHQ Motorsports Teamspeak Server

    Server: Password: carrera
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  9. Reserved for leaderboard. Last Update 20th Aug 18:30 GMT Good luck guys!
  10. Prior to each F1 race we will hotlap the same track as the real life drivers to see how we compare. TImes will be recorded using the in game steam friends leaderboard. Each challenge will run until Midnight GMT on the Sunday of the race. The next challenge will start on the following Monday. Thanks to Ahmad for the great idea The next Challenge is: Challenges > Hotlap: Lotus 72D @ Spa This challenge is now open & will expire midnight GMT on the 27th Aug -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules and Requirements: Game Settings Launcher settings for ABS and TC must be set to FACTORY. (once on track you can change the settings if the car allows it) Stability OFF, Fuel ON Penalties must be enabled Before you can start posting laps you need to do two things (if you haven't already) 1. Activate the in game Friends Leaderbord. To do this, take to the track and move your mouse to the right hand edge of the screen to activate the apps sidebar. From here select the Friends Leaderboard (it's near the bottom) You should then see a leaderboard similar to this. You can drag it round to a suitable position. Once the app is active it will log your laps and list those of your Steam Friends. 2. In order to get an accurate set of comparison of times you will need to add people to your friends list. You should be able to find all of us at the SimHQ Motorsports Steam Group. Just send out friend invites to those taking part and when they accept you can see their times on your leaderboard. I have most people already, but if you want to enter, please add me as a friend first (if you haven't already), then post a time. I'll periodically post my leaderboard in the following post so you can all see who you need to befriend. Hopefully after a short while we'll all be bosom buddies. Have Fun!!! The challenge is open immediately and will expire midnight GMT on the 27th Aug
  11. PC2 + VR + LeMans

  12. OSW ordered

    New firmware out https://granitedevices.com/wiki/IONI_firmware_releases My OSW still going strong. Never had any problems with it not a single hickup. Only the side issues with grounding. I am on a new mainboard now and it fair much better then the old one. I can now use also my older ascher button box without occasional double shifts or reluctances to shift. The newer Simucubes are supposed not to be nearly as sensitive to grounding issues though. Went back to the TX for some months to run some arcade titles. That is the other big con and probably the biggest plus for the upcoming more commercial directdrive wheels. TX works for sure but everything is loose beside the lack of torque. I wish I went for another PSU though because the meanwell 600w is unbelievably loud. Never heard such a loud 80 mm fan or if it´s a 60 mm in my life. It screems at idle and get even worse whenever any force is output from the wheel.
  13. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Cool, will look into it.
  14. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Chuck, this is just a thought, but have you considered joining your local SCCA region as a corner worker? I think they still feed IMSA with workers. Go to a few of their regional/national races to learn the ropes then you can request assignment for each of the tracks and usually which corner to work. Alternately consider flagging and communications. I got to see many tracks that way.
  15. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    I am buying tickets as soon as they come available, so if you've been to any of the tracks, best seat advise would be appreciated! Or section/area. Thx.
  16. Finally

    I do hope they can implement this #sooner. It would give a real boost to the endurance racing. Did my first official race last evening i several years. Just love the GTEs. Some more GTEs and new LMPs would be great. Porsches are comming and possibly another GT3. Both the McLaren and BMW are a bit old by now. Just missing #"real weather" and rF2 will have a hard time to fight it off. Sorry studio 397, neither the radical or the 650 has impressed me so far. The ffb is just dead and they drive terribly. I used to say just the same thing regarding iRacing but the tide is shifting.
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  18. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    2018 IMSA Season Tour 2018 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship Schedule Date Event / Venue Jan. 5-7 Roar Before The Rolex 24 At Daytona Jan. 25-28 Rolex 24 At Daytona March 14-17 Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring April 13-14 BUBBA burger SportsCar Grand Prix at Long Beach May 4-6 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course June 1-2 Chevrolet Sports Car Classic at Belle Isle Park June 28-July 1 Sahlen’s Six Hours of The Glen at Watkins Glen July 6-8 Mobil 1 SportsCar Grand Prix at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park July 20-21 Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park Aug. 3-5 Continental Tire Road Race Showcase at Road America Aug. 17-19 Michelin GT Challenge at VIR Sept. 7-9 Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix at Laguna Seca Oct. 10-13 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta
  19. Finally

  20. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    For spectating, I would agree
  21. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Mid-Ohio is a much better track (imo).
  22. My 2018 IMSA retirement tour is a go...

    Thx.... and damn just heard they dropped CotA and added Mid-Ohio for 2018.
  23. This challenge has now closed. Congrats to Archii for sneaking into the top spot at the last minute!! Spa will be up in a couple of days when i've had time to do some testing.
  24. A "fun" car for a daily driver - why bother?

    Meet my new not quite so little friend from 2011. First place: The 118 by miles. BMW's really are not just brand image and soft touch plastic. As soon as you sit down it's obvious: everything is next level including the comfort. Forget its awe inspiring handling and smooth engine performance, seat adjustability matters. Runner up: Fiat Punto Evo 1.3 turbodiesel chip tuned for an extra 30-40 hp, and 17" rims instead of stock. Transformed the car from boring and indirect into one that will put a smile on your face for VERY little money. 6000 euro gets you one stock in very good condition. Make sure you get one with the coloured dash inlay. Lifts the whole interior. Comfortable seats, handles great. Definitely the bang for buck fun car to beat. Excellent fuel economy, will be rather fuel efficient even after tuning. Third place: Mazda 3. It's expensive, prone to rust and you can almost get 3 Evo's for the price of one Mazda 3. That's why they call it the 3. Or get a 118 bimmer like I did, not a lot between them in price, assuming both are used cars. Mazda 3 handles well, has very comfortable seats even though they lack adjustability for tall people - no upper leg support, but just stick with fabric seats - the fabric is high quality and easy on the eyes. The leather is not that great and a little slippery. The fabric holds you in place and always looks new no matter what 3 occasion I look at. Somewhere around 50th: Ford Mondeo 1.6 ecoboost. It's so big. Just how big won't sink in until you actually drive one. The dash and hood in front of you are gigantic. It doesn't body roll but it still is heavy and it feels like it. Feels like driving a huge boat, and you're the captain up in the cabin. The steering is responsive and it's not a slow car by any means, but not quick either. Good for relaxed motorway cruising, not for chucking about. Avoid narrow roads with any sort of traffic. Be advised, if you do decide a Mondeo is for you because, say, reproduction is your sole purpose in life and you need to fit a family with 4 tall fat kids and don't like pickup trucks, do yourself the favour of avoiding the heated windshield option, as comes standard even in the mid-range titanium trim. It seems handy for certain occasions but the individual wires throughout the windshield will be in your vision year round, darkening your view. Only the Trend trim (base trim) lacks these wires, but lacks a ton of other features including sport seats. Most of which *can* be added as separate (packages of) options, but the stock Trend trim's seats aren't great to look at. My 2ct after test driving lots of cars.
  25. PC2 + VR + LeMans

    Looking forward to it certainly tick a lot of boxes on what to ask for in a racing simulation.
  26. PC2 + VR + LeMans

    Be sure and catch the animated crew pit stop halfway through the video.
  27. Hi All, PCars 1 only allowed 1 custom livery per cars. I think some of use were a bit disappointed by this. Does anyone know if PCars 2 will allow multiple liveries for each vehicle? I can't seem to find any information regarding this feature. Thanks, --T
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