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  2. AI is night and day difference. I made a SP race with GT3's armada and three makes of LMP1s and it was blast
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  4. The AI improvements are nice. They actually pass slower class cars now.
  5. I'd say WEC too. Unless a lot has changed in the F1 approach since Bernie leaving, you are going to get way better access, and many more hours of racing over the weekend. (Silverstone WEC had several support races on Saturday before a 4 hour ELMS race, then nice lazy Sunday morning with the 6 hours kicking off at 12:00.)
  6. Don't fully understand the wind thing yet (always 0kph in singleplayer?) I wish we get had gusts upsetting the car, but I have not experienced anything like this yet. Meanwhile, I love the MC12 GT1:
  7. Same here no time to test but it´s worth it just to investigate the 3D models in VR
  8. Bought last night, no chance to try it yet, this is the only game I have where I auto buy the dlc, always quality. It will be interesting to see how the wind effects work. Do we get gusts or is wind at a preset direction and speed?
  9. I'd do WEC. Unless F1 has lowered prices post Bernie.
  10. WEC. Not even close. COTA is SE of Austin out in the fields. You'd be better off driving the I-10 route Chuck then go NW on 71 at Columbus. Get a room along the way on I-10 and drive there early AM. Let me know if you do it so I can meet up with you.
  11. OUCH, 18 hours... a couple of hotel stays then, like I said...still learning/exploring my plans. "18 h 39 min (1,292.3 mi) via I-75 N and I-10 W"
  12. "Ready To Race" is the new DLC for Assetto Corsa is now available on Steam and will be coming to PS4 and XB1 later this year. It includes ten new cars from AUDI, Lotus, McLaren, Maserati and Toyota, providing the "most wanted" models ready to race!The RTR DLC provides a great variety of models that mix technology, power, history and design from Italy, Great Britain and Japan, resulting in a package able to meet all your wishes!List of cars:- Audi R8 LMS 2016- Audi R18 e-tron quattro- Audi TT Cup 2016- Audi TT RS (VLN)- Lotus 3-Eleven- Maserati MC12 GT1- McLaren 570S- McLaren P1 GTR- Toyota Celica ST185 Turbo- Toyota TS040 Hybrid******Changelog v1.14- New autosaved replay options and UI added to launcher main theme- New Audi TT Cup- New Audi TT RS (VLN)- New Audi R8 GT3 2016- New Audi R18 LMP1 2014- New Lotus 3-Eleven (race)- New McLaren 570S- New McLaren P1 GTR- New Maserati MC12 GT1- New Toyota Celica ST185 Group A- New Toyota TS040 Hybrid 2014- Mandatory pitstop window is now related to pit entry timing (replacing old system)- Pitstop animation enabled with oculus or STAY_IN_CAR enabled (system/cfg/pitstop.ini)- Added Position set digital script- Added ballast and restrictor option offline for championships and multiplayer. Work in Progress for offline quick race and race weekend UI- Added wind algorithm- If controller is keyboard then Pitstop app is replaced by mouse pitstop- Mouse pitstop with Mouse Steering enabled is now working correctly- Tweaked backfire flash flames in many cars- Realtime app: qualify/practice colors are based on leaderboard position, race color on current position- Added DIGITAL_PANEL script to display current position and P2P on car's external panels (Audi TT Cup)- Added FUEL_PERC script to show fuel quantity as percentage (McLaren 570S)- Fixed broken UI interaction due to session switching when pitstop was not finished- Fixed rare automatic pitstop activation at car spawning in the pit- Fixed deadzone for gamepads- Fixed Tyre App thermal value for exploded tyres- Minimum for automatic reset tyre on track is now 2- Fixed flag rendering in VR with PP off (again, hopefully for real this time)- Fixed Achievements from unlocking when car is blackflagged- Pitstop app: new tyre pressure can only differ from the current one by 4psi (because of minimal height rule)- Added Push To Pass system (Audi TT Cup), P2P amount depends on grid position, enabled in Practice and Race sessions only- Added physics option for different fuel weight/density (optional section in car.ini [FUEL_EXT] KG_PER_LITER=value)- Adjusted Lotus 98T tyre wear- Fixed old pitstop UI from allowing more fuel when setup is fixed- Added Black Flag description- Added Online time of day multiplier (x1 to x10)- Added track animated starting lights- Added blink feature to RPM SERIES script (updated all relevant cars)- Added acServerManager 1.14.0- Added Time multiplier- Added Wind- Added Restrictor (BoP)- Fixed BoP server message to client- Fixed bug on client fixed setup 2nd reloading- Added resolution string on splash screen- Added "safe mode" initialization when first DX11 init fails, it will try again with desktop resolution and AA/Fullscreen off- Added AI Aggression selection- More AI differences within a single lap to generate more battles- Added AI wing setup variations- Added new Random camera mode algorithm- Fixed driver model visibility bug in Random camera mode- Removed AI slowdown hack for cars with spool differentials- Improved Downshift Protection algorithm- Fixed AI giving away green light by flooring gas 500ms in advance- New AI algorithms for understeer detection and downshifting- Fixed Car Engineering app sometimes reporting wrong total and sprung weights- Added Fuel x Time on Setup Fuel tab and pitapp- Added best splits at the end of the race on leaderboard timetable- Tweaked leaderboard to show player name/position even if that player has disconnected- Updated Steam statistic reader to synchronize steam achievement- Added "virtual desktops" functionality to in-game GUI (cyclable through ctrl+u key combination)- Fixed session synchronization issue when session switches while a new player is joining- AI is now using kers- Fixed Nissan Skyline R34 having downshift protection when it should not- Added "variation" slider for AI. It will randomize the AI level in the range selected.- Fixed Nissan GT3 texture map on lod B- Added player's nation flag support (not valid flag will be rendered as AC logo)- Added new Driver Label GUI (customizable in \system\cfg\name_displayer.ini)- Added nation flags on leaderboard GUI- Tweaked opponents list to include nationality- Update special events to include nationality- Added Mandatory Pit warning message at the start of the race- Added minisectors to overlay leaderboard and performance delta app, this can be disabled through [Documents]/Assetto Corsa/cfg/gameplay.ini- Some template updates to existing content- Porsche 911 RSR 2017 template added- Templates added for Lotus 3-Eleven, Audi TT Cup, Audi TT VLN, McLaren 570S, Mclaren P1 GTR, Toyota Celica ST185, Maserati MC12 GT1,- Minor graphical updates on the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and Lotus Exige V6 Cup- Digital display script tweaks across the board- Fixed a bug on Nissan GTR GT3 LOD B- Minor livery fix on Glickenhoue SGC003- Python new functions:getWindSpeedgetWindDirectiongetDriverNationCode(CAR_ID)getCarSkin(CAR_ID)- Added deactivation on lateral G on McLaren P1 and P1 Gtr (optional [DEACTIVATION] LIMIT_G=[x] in drs.ini)- Porsche 911 RSR 2017 official WEC liveries added Look forward to try this out when the endurance season is over
  13. So... I might of already mentioned it here, I bought a 2017 Harley Davidson touring bike, and next year, 2018, I plan on touring America to every IMSA sport car race, when that time comes, will ask people in the know, the same questions... but as a test run, I was thinking of my first trip, (actually my second, first will be with the wife down to Key West in a month or two), anyway... I was thinking of either going to the F1 race in October, OR the WEC race in September. My question(s) for people in the know... What is the better event to go too? F1 or WEC What is the better time frame, weather wise, Sept or October, (probably not much difference on that). Where is the best seat? What area should I look to sit in. They have a 2 day ticket and a 1 day ticket for the WEC? What takes 2 days? My plan is to ride in, stay in a hotel outside of the track area for the night before, then go, after race ride back as much as possible. Suggestions/ideas? For other bike/tour owners/riders... this will be my first, a test run for next years fill IMSA season... any other recommendations or suggestions? Thx...
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  16. I noticed this line, but it's easy to miss. Also, why this one in particular? Is it the one used at Monaco that year?
  17. As agreed, i'll use the hardest compound available and a full tank. I did some low fuel softest compound running, and im about 5 seconds slower with the hard tire and full tank
  18. The Aussie produced Mighty Car Mods Channel is very informative and worth subscribing.
  19. A historic and spine tingling combo this time. We're using VRC's awersome MP4/4 with a great conversion of Carrera4's Monaco 88. Be sure to have the R04 Chassis selected. Have Fun Guys! Reserved for leaderboard. Last update 24 May 21:30GMT
  20. Prior to each F1 race we will hotlap the same track as the real life drivers to see how we compare. TImes will be recorded using the in game steam friends leaderboard. Each challenge will run until Midnight GMT on the Sunday of the race. The next challenge will start on the following Monday. Thanks to Ahmad for the great idea The next Challenge is: Challenges > Hotlap: McLaren MP4/4 (R04 Chassis) @ Monaco 1988 Note: This is an addon car & track. You can get it here: Car: Track: This Challenge is open immediately and will expire Midnight GMT on the 28th May -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules and Requirements: Game Settings Launcher settings for ABS and TC must be set to FACTORY. (once on track you can change the settings if the car allows it) Stability OFF, Fuel ON Penalties must be enabled Before you can start posting laps you need to do two things (if you haven't already) 1. Activate the in game Friends Leaderbord. To do this, take to the track and move your mouse to the right hand edge of the screen to activate the apps sidebar. From here select the Friends Leaderboard (it's near the bottom) You should then see a leaderboard similar to this. You can drag it round to a suitable position. Once the app is active it will log your laps and list those of your Steam Friends. 2. In order to get an accurate set of comparison of times you will need to add people to your friends list. You should be able to find all of us at the SimHQ Motorsports Steam Group. Just send out friend invites to those taking part and when they accept you can see their times on your leaderboard. I have most people already, but if you want to enter, please add me as a friend first (if you haven't already), then post a time. I'll periodically post my leaderboard in the following post so you can all see who you need to befriend. Hopefully after a short while we'll all be bosom buddies. Have Fun!!! The challenge is open immediately and will expire midnight GMT on the 28th May
  21. Im racing over here at the WEC, check it out, there is allot of room for teams and drivers, signing up is easy and no signing up nda crap to race. Its a new league and if you like Endurance racing, they follow the real World Endurance schedule.
  22. Thanks for the tip. I have both PC and Xbox One versions, but right now, I'm only playing the Xbox One version of both AC and PCars. I have a 28-inch 4K monitor for my PC, but the Xbox One version links to my 37 inch HD TV, which looks just as these two games look on the 4K computer monitor. I think the reason is I have turn off some graphics options on the PC that I don't have to turn off on the Xbox. I also like the bigger screen. I use a Logitech 920 wheel and pedal set for both PC and Xbox versions. With the same controller, I haven't noticed a difference in the physics of the cars in either game, PC or Xbox version. I can't tell them apart in terms of handling. I will definitely install Content Manager, the next time a boot up the PC version of AC. I just love the camera driving views and weather depiction in PCars. It's so much better than AC, and the external graphics of the two sims are the same quality--on the Xbox One--to me.
  23. This challenge has now closed. Thanks to all who entered. Big congrats to Archii for topping the board in Spain. I'm out of town today but will post the details for Monaco later tonight or tomorrow AM.
  24. I recommend Content Manager to have much more customisation options including opponent strength adjustment in 1% increments.
  25. Okay, well some time has passed since my original post. Here is the conclusion I've come to as a "non-expert" sim racer: Graphics: Even Physics: Advantage to AC. I can drift real cool with the emergency brake or spin 360 if I lean too hard on it--feels a bit more realistic. Damage model is better. FFB is slightly better. The Racing Experience: Project Cars by a mile. I can tweak the competition much better to be competitive. You can increase/decrease opponents skill level in 1% increments until you hit the sweet spot (I don't do multiplayer). AC has very easy, easy, medium, hard, etc. (I don't notice much difference between the bottom three). More driving views with PCars. A lot more. Love the helmet cam. Love the wet weather option. PCars is just really exciting in this way. Long-term Playability: Project Cars again by a mile. A lot more variety of cars and tracks, with or without DLC. Most AC tracks I've seen before in many older sims (Monza, Spa, etc.) and have grown tired of them. PCars stable of mounts are not only more numerous, they are more interesting to me.
  26. Sorry about the delay but I've been seriously distracted by this madness. What a great start to this series and great success this first event turned out to be with 16 of us in the race. As one of the clubs PRC were ohly able to field 4 drivers it was agreed that I would be put on loan to them for this series to help balance the teams. I have just completed an F3 AMS championship with them as well as other races, so it wasn't that out of place. This first event was setup as two twenty minute races with the second race getting a top ten reverse order grid and using the Formula Trainer. Given the unfriendly nature of this little car IMO, there was always great potential for an attritional race and for me it proved to be so, more the second race than the first, although nothing was intentional. With this being a club rather than individual competition it also brought an interesting new aspect regarding how teammates work with each other, or not. In the first race I got totally screwed by not seeing the lights and missing the start, and immediately lost several places but I managed to avoid most of the problems of spinning cars and was pretty happy overall to finish 6th and points for the team after some really close racing. The second race I started much better and found myself behind hashey. I had a better pace but he made it very difficult to do a clean overtake. Then sadly I got involved in the attrition that started with the bump from Rodders, and later got caught up with Andy's spin who collected Mary Poppins who I then could not avoid which unluckily turned me facing the wrong direction and I had to wait for several cars to pass before I could get going again. The only mistake I made was following team mate Rick, after he allowed me to pass while I was battling with a REVS team member, I got a little greedy on T1 applying the power just a fraction too early and spun out again losing another bunch of time waiting for a clean re-entry, and finally finished with a 9th. Despite this disapointment the racing itself was extraordinary clean and respectful with many close battles throughout the field and I think everyone had a really enjoyable time. This was a great start to this series and I'm really looking forward to the coming F3 race at Okoyama this coming thursday. sorry about the pics but I can't seem to sort that out. But here are Kevins videos of the race. Hope this inspires some of you to get a team together for SHQM for the next series.
  27. Thanks for the update. Let us know how the race went and add some screens if you can.
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