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  3. Hey all. Good luck on this! It's been a long time since I've had enough free time to get in on one of these.
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  5. Anyone interested in a little series on AMS using the MCR2000, Thurs evenings race time 9pm BST, Series begins 13th July 2017, register here
  6. Reserved for leaderboard. Last update 27 June 8:00 GMT Good luck guys!
  7. Prior to each F1 race we will hotlap the same track as the real life drivers to see how we compare. TImes will be recorded using the in game steam friends leaderboard. Each challenge will run until Midnight GMT on the Sunday of the race. The next challenge will start on the following Monday. Thanks to Ahmad for the great idea The next Challenge is: Challenges > Hotlap: Williams FW37 @ Austria GP (Red Bull Ring) Note: This is an addon car. You can get it here: Car: This Challenge is open immediately and will expire Midnight GMT on the 8th July -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules and Requirements: Game Settings Launcher settings for ABS and TC must be set to FACTORY. (once on track you can change the settings if the car allows it) Stability OFF, Fuel ON Penalties must be enabled Before you can start posting laps you need to do two things (if you haven't already) 1. Activate the in game Friends Leaderbord. To do this, take to the track and move your mouse to the right hand edge of the screen to activate the apps sidebar. From here select the Friends Leaderboard (it's near the bottom) You should then see a leaderboard similar to this. You can drag it round to a suitable position. Once the app is active it will log your laps and list those of your Steam Friends. 2. In order to get an accurate set of comparison of times you will need to add people to your friends list. You should be able to find all of us at the SimHQ Motorsports Steam Group. Just send out friend invites to those taking part and when they accept you can see their times on your leaderboard. I have most people already, but if you want to enter, please add me as a friend first (if you haven't already), then post a time. I'll periodically post my leaderboard in the following post so you can all see who you need to befriend. Hopefully after a short while we'll all be bosom buddies. Have Fun!!! The challenge is open immediately and will expire midnight GMT on the 8th July
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  9. This challenge has now closed. Congrats to Archii for topping the board! Thanks to all who posted times. Next combo will be up later today or tomorrow am.
  10. That's great thanks. I have been in and performed Practice and Qualy1,2 and 3 and after each session it said it saved. I haven't been in since, but I guess save after each session is exactly that. Thanks for your help.
  11. OK, I think the problem here is that it won't save the championship until you have finished your first race. I have tested and if I just go in and do some laps on the first trace and then quit, I see the same issue. The championship is not saved. So, test this by doing a one lap race . Finish the race, then quit. When you go into championship next time you will get this screen below. There you have your progression the championship and all races are saved and also your progress. There you also can create new championships. I think this is done to allow you to quit a bad race and give you the chance to come back later and redo the race. So that is why it's not saved. But to get there you must at least have one race completed.
  12. Thanks F19_CoNa - but I had already posted that I had done that. You have - however - confirmed that you do have to do that in order to race DTM and I'm not missing a DTM Season option. The second question was about saving. There's no save option and when I setup my DTM season, I jumped in and did a few laps of Hockenheim and then left the game. When I went back to the game, and selected the Championship option, it only shows 1 other words, it's not saving my tracks I set up. This is pretty infuriating because it means - currently - and I've had to do this 3 times now - I have to select the tracks again and each time I come back to the game. Is there a save option I'm missing somewhere or is there an auto-save that isn't kicking in for some reason? Thanks again.
  13. Yes, if you want to run a championship you need to select which tracks to use. You go to championship then select DTM 2015, select car and then in the right column you chose track. The first track is by default the first one in alphabetic order, so select one track, go back, then with the + sign add next track, and so forth. Once you have all tracks selected, go back to first screen and hit "Go race" It could not be much easier
  14. So I bought the DTM 2015 DLC for RRRE...but how do I actually race the DTM season? When I go to single player, I can select the car - so I select DTM 2015 - and then I go to play - but it starts me at Bathhurst and there's no other tracks. First off - do you have to create your own DTM season? Second - I did so (because I couldn't find out where to do it) but there's nowhere to save my details and now have to re-add the tracks because it just says "1 Round" again! I'm slightly disappointed. I thought I'd be able to jump in and start a DTM season without faffing around Any help would be greatly received.
  15. It looks really weird, the track, but is incredibely fun to drive for some reason. When I first saw Baku I thought, what is this boring streetcircuit, but now im driving it (without elevation, really putting me off) I really enjoy it. Would be even more fun with elevation! The exos is as great as ever
  16. European evening/night time.
  17. What time/day do they race?
  18. If I remember correctly I used stock setups with softest tyres. Also don't forget DRS.
  19. I tried searching in all known places but with no luck. Anyone have any idea? Maybe someting circles in closed rF2 communites? I would appreciate PM then. I give my word to keep it for myself. I want to use it for setting up myself a single player Le Mans race experience, thanks to rF2 functionality of 'race from saved replay file'
  20. Multiple usb support sounds interesting and the cockpit optimizations for wheel users
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  22. NARS Series Race Schedule 6/22/2017 - Mid-Ohio (60min) - Pre-Season Race/No Points 7/6/2017 - Watkins Glen (90min) 7/20/2017 - Canadian Motorsports Park (60min) 8/3/2017 - Circuit of the Americas (60min) 8/17/2017 - Road America (75min) 8/31/2017 - Virginia International Raceway (60min) 9/14/2017 - Sebring (90min) *day to night race* 9/28/2017 - Laguna Seca (60min) 10/12/2017 - Road Atlanta (75min) 10/26/2017 - Daytona Road Course (90min) *day to night race*
  23. May I ask for a setup. I am no threat I don't believe
  24. Never seen this track before. Very interesting. I will watch the F1 race because of this.
  25. NP. Their initials aren't J.A.
  26. No worries Alex, I'll ck with the admins.
  27. Ya, I've done both, my post didn't appear, I guess it needs to be approved or something. I don't want to do it twice and get them mad at me.
  28. Total entries reached to 31 so far, Pre-season race is this Thursday. Surprised to see a lot of GTC signups.
  29. Alex, I think you need to fill out this intro; and also choose your own unique racing number here:
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